The Ukrainian agricultural market becomes more attractive for the investments because of increasing of the demand and raising the prices of an agricultural production. The question of the increasing controllability and the general efficiency of the agricultural manufacturer work become vital.


For Agriculture RСI-Consulting offers comprehensive enterprise control systems based on GPS-monitoring. As a rule the Agricultural fields are on big distance from administrative centers and occupy an extensive territory. The motor car park includes a great number of various techniques. With using our control system, shareholders and management of the agricultural company will receive answers to following questions: Where is / was each vehicle during the specific moment of time? Who operates / operated it? What time working day of each driver has begun, when it has finished? Do real vehicle routes comply with determined one? How much fuel was spent? Etc…

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System has following possibilities:

  • Identification/control of movement/stops of vehicles and the hook-on equipment (speed, a route, the passed way, stops, parking time and other controls);
  • Control of refueling/fuel consumption at any stage: the gas station – fuel-servicing truck – the car, tractor or combine;
  • Control of the field workers (identification of drivers, the account of their working hours, detailed display of vehicle movement route, possibility of control of any separate unit, including hook-on equipment);
  • Technological processes control (depth of plowing, soil temperature, speed of seeder movement, etc.);
  • Control of the liquid chemical materials discharges (mineral fertilizers, etc.).