Safety systems

Safety systems are one of key necessity in banking establishments work for today. The primary goal of such systems is providing the work of the bank, safety of the personnel, visitors, and also safety for financial assets.

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Any bank security system should provide:

  • The Security alarm system. It is important that system should be multilevel (able to control external territory of the bank, the internal premises, etc.);
  • The Video surveillance system;
  • The access control system.

The effectiveness of safety system increases with the integrated systems application. Systems may works in coordination with various safety infrastructure such as: the fire alarm system, monitoring and access control systems (SKUD), the video surveillance (including IP-cameras and IP-servers from various numbers of manufacturers) and many other things.
Due to such complex systems, various safety systems of the bank turn to united information environment with implemented functions of processing and mining of the information that has ability to respond on various events. The solutions based on such systems allow thousands of enterprises belonging to different worldwide industry sectors to reduce costs and obtain high level of security.
RCI-Consulting offers to the customers of a bank sector the integrated solution intended for protection of the bank premises, video surveillance operations carried out by cashiers, video observations of the adjoining territory. The solution structure includes system of video surveillance and audio registration of the bank territory, fire alarm system, access control system (which optionally can include a facial recognition system). That’s all allows to provide the highest degree of safety, helps to protect the bank and its customers from any ambiguous or problem situations.


Structured cabling system (SCS)

It is known that the financial sector is one of the most dependent on information technology sector. Every day the quantity and complexity of the bank transactions increases, volumes of the data constantly grow. Besides, convergence of various technologies such as the voice integration, video and data on one IP-network demands from these networks the highest productivity and reliability.
To achieve optimum profitability and return on investment the network should operate and ensure a service providing at least during 10 years. The Network of any financial institutions based on the structured cabling system (SCS). The uninterrupted operation of the information services, applications and business processes of the banks depend on quality, reliability and scalability of the structured cabling system.

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During the network infrastructure designing process it is the extremely important to provide:

  • The operational reliability;
  • The physical safety;
  • The data throughput;
  • Efficiency of modification and fast expansion possibilities;
  • Online monitoring and network condition estimation;
  • The fast detection, identification and elimination of malfunctions.

Taking into account all these factors, the choice of SCS class and its components is an important task in SCS designing. Today our company recommends for the banking sector the components and solutions from leading manufacturers:

SYSTIMAX (GigaSPEED X10D, LazrSPEED®, TeraSPEED®, solutions for documenting, management and network infrastructure monitoring at physical level iPatch®);
Panduit (TX6A ™ 10Gig ™, TX6 ™ 10Gig ™ OM3, Opti-Core ™, the physical infrastructure control system PanViewiQ ™);
AMP Netconnect (Systems XG, complex automated control of physical layer network AMPTRAC);
R&M (shielded solutions Cat6 and 6A);
Molex (PowerCat6, System MIIM – Molex Intelligent Infrastructure Management – monitors and displays the status of physical layer network and network devices connected to the network).
It is very important that each of these vendors support their system during at least 20 years.


Video conferencing systems (VCS)

RCI-Consulting is doing the designing, construction and support of the video conferencing systems based on Tandberg, Polycom and Сisco equipment.
The video conferencing is effective modern communication solution designed to organize teamwork of the employees having the geographically distributed company structure with branches and representative offices around the world.
The video conferencing doesn’t depend on a geographical position of conference participants. The solution works on IP based technology data transmission protocol. The conferencing party needs only access to the Internet and data line with corresponding bandwidth. The VCS main task is creating the appropriate conditions supporting of timely administrative decisions.
The possibilities of the Video conferencing systems are:

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  • Carrying out meetings with territorially remote participants;
  • Performances with the report, negotiating, deliver training lectures;
  • Operational decisions acceptance support;
  • Remote teamwork with documents, files, schemes, images, video data, etc.;
  • Simplification of the distribution administrative and methodical documents;
  • Transfer experts knowledge and experience;
  • Work with company staff;
  • Explanatory-indicative report with using of the electronic documents;
  • etc.

Video conference systems application area is as broad as the communication possibilities of any person in normal life. In banking offices Video conference systems using bring good results and maximum effectiveness, namely:

  • Reduces time necessary for moving and reduces the expenses connected to them (business trips expenses);
  • Accelerates decision-making processes when the maximum efficiency is necessary;
  • Increases productivity;
  • Prevents weariness and stress;
  • Gives the chance to take well-founded decisions because of additional experts involving possibilities;
  • Expensive working hours of the TOP managers and highly skilled experts can be saved;
  • The efficiency and quality of enterprise management is growing.

The modern technology ensures the voice transmission of a high-quality audio and video broadcasting. The HD picture is allows creating the effect of the presence during the conference.



For financial institutions, we offer corporate systems ip-telephony-based solutions from Avaya, Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent and servises for the solution implementation.
Today the voice technologies based on IP protocols is becoming more and more popular. Low cost per minute of conversation and possibility of using the global data networks makes this service more popular and attractive.
IP-telephony advantages for financial institutions are:

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  • Relatively low cost of the minute of conversation;
  • The organization of free telephony banks having distributed structure of branches and offices in other regions and countries;
  • The integration solution for convenient services (video calls, messaging, data transfer, corporate address book, etc.);
  • The auto secretary function;
  • The conferences possibility;
  • Call forwarding, automatic number redial, caller identification, etc.;
  • Routing calls to operators;
  • The integration possibility with popular services like GoogleVoice, Skype, etc.;
  • Allow using of both hardware & software IP-phones;
  • The cost reducing for long-distance and international calls;
  • Better communication quality in comparison with analogue telephony solutions;
  • Integration with DECT devices;
  • Integration with the CRM system, financial institutions;
  • etc.

Depositary cells, safes

The introduction of storage facilities like storage of the documents, cash, securities, jewelry and other valuables in personal bank-cells allows banks to expand significantly the range of bank’s services and do them more attractive for each customer.

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Our company offers GUNNEBO deposit systems, who is a world leader in this area:

  • “Safe Store 2000C” deposit box. Unique lock is used with this system. The two unique keys in a sealed pot is providing to the customer at time of cell lease beginning. Client keeps both keys, but access to its cell can be obtained only when bank officer open the control (main) lock.
  • The system of automatic robotic deposit boxes “Safe Store Auto”. The system allows create an autonomous deposit vault at a minimal area as a modern alternative of mechanical bank safety deposit boxes. Office room is a customer access to his safe deposit box. After ordering the cells with using a bank card and the selected PIN-code or biometric parameters of the client cell is automatically delivered through an output terminal. Robotic system is in safe deposit boxes Mini, Midi and Maxi modifications, respectively, from 30 to 2000 cells.
  • Electronic depositary system of night safe “RSB 30”. The system can work in a round-the-clock mode without participation of bank employees and is focused on businessmen who need a fast, convenient and safe way of transfer of a day gain in bank. The basic device deposition systems is deposition terminal “Safe Bag RSB30” which can be configured depending on its site and features of application, for example, in the street in a building wall, in a bank lobby, in shopping center or on an open site. After client identification the terminal aperture opens automatically, the mechanism moves the deposit to the safe. Client identification is carried out by means of a PIN code entered on the keyboard of the device; the magnetic card which are read out by the device; a bar code located on depositary envelopes.
  • To maximize customer satisfaction the banking institutions are offering to the customers the individual safes. After acquisition of companies ROSENGRENS (1994), FICHET-BAUCHE (1999) and CHUBBSAFES (2000) by GUNNEBO Corporation its safes are leaders of sales in high classes of safety.

Safes of I-III classes: FICHET-BAUCHE Carena, Carena Leather, Carena White, Hestia, Millium; CHUBBSAFES DuoGuard, ProGuard, Trident III; ROSENGRENS Callisto, Capella II, Cassio III. Safes of IV-VI classes: CHUBBSAFES Trident IV-VI; ROSENGRENS Atlantic IV, Cassio IV-VI.
Our Safes characteristics are modern design, a wide range of functionality, a different sizes, rather small weight, high degree of protection against drilling, breaking and fire.