RCI-Consulting is one of the leading companies on market of construction services and low-power networks operation in housing complexes, business centers and administrative facilities.

The company has the necessary competence in creating of integrated low-power projects, its design and implementation, own staff of engineers, field engineers, professional installers, as well as logistical and technological base.

All these resources availability makes possible to implement projects of various scale and complexity.

Our employees have specialized technical education and are certified in construction of low-power networks and systems, such as:

  • TV networks (cable, satellite, terrestrial);
  • Radio networks, telephone networks;
  • Security systems (surveillance, fire alarm, burglar alarm systems, etc.);
  • Intercom communications systems, dispatching systems.

RCI-Consulting has all necessary licenses and certifications in order to perform the construction of low-power networks.

We can prepare necessary documents for:

  • the conclusion of contract for the design work, construction of low-power networks and systems (specified payment plan works, equipment delivery, timing of construction works, etc.);
  • technical requirements investigation;
  • construction documents investigation;
  • harmonization;
  • necessary permitting and orders obtaining;
  • organization of material supplies;
  • identifying needs in vehicles, machinery, fixtures, tool sets, electrical appliances, etc.

All construction works on low-power networks and systems are carried out in strict compliance with building codes and safety regulations, according to the project and technical conditions. Every stage of construction works are supported by executive documentation, acts, materials and equipment certificates, etc.

Measurements & Certification

One of the components of low-power networks construction works is measuring of the constructed network parameters and the preparation of technical documentation. The executive documentation includes all information about low-current network, necessary details for its further operation, service, modernization and development.

The executive documentation includes:

  • Schemes of equipment installation;
  • Photos;
  • Schemes of low-current network building lengths of cables;
  • Schemes of low-current network distribution;
  • Working drawings changes in design documentation after lining of a cable, etc.

The working documentation includes:

  • Manufacturer’s certificates of cable production;
  • Reports of cable lengths entrance control;
  • Manufacturer’s certificates of the terminal equipment;
  • The list of the changes (deviations) between design plan and last decisions during project coordination process with Customer.

Acceptance procedure preparation

Our specialists make a detailed inspection after completion of the construction works in order to get compliance in accordance with technical requirements (check inspection of the premises), then constitute the supporting documentation.

Acceptance procedure

When all specified works is finished, the project manager and customer representative are examine object, check each network element on conformity to the technical project documentation. Then the customer receives the executive documentation, results of testing and the technical report.

Our company provides operating low-power networks system design, represents an important engineering and administrative tasks. The competitiveness of your company considerably depends on the quality of our solutions.

We are guarantee:

  • Performance of the works in deadline scopes;
  • The minimum investments and low operational expenses;
  • The best prices for average & large-scale projects;
  • High quality of our works.