We realize all our responsibility while we are working with official bodies. We also understand the importance of providing the maximum reliability and safety of information.

RCI-Consulting offers to a state sector representatives: the high competence of our personnel, the reliable solutions from leading world manufacturers, necessary licenses and permissions obtaining, our experience in successful projects realization in a state sector.

Safe City

«Safe city» is a new target governmental program. The main task of the program is security guaranteeing on a region, town or even whole district scale. Program implementation is a task for police, city’s authorities, traffic police, housing and communal services, emergencies and other essential city functions services.

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Standard objects of control are:

  • Transport infrastructure objects – roadways, bus stops, public transport offices, railway stations, airports, etc.;
  • Residential sector- entrance halls, outbuilding territories, etc.;
  • Municipal buildings, schoolhouses and kinder gardens;
  • Facilities of industrial and energetic complexes;
  • Crowded places.

The main system tasks are centralized control in real time, online information services for emergencies, information archiving, possibility of events restoration based on records, helps with moot points decision on the road, possibility of integration with the fire fighting alarm and data access systems, traffic congestions control and many others.

The basic requirements to systems components are reliability, stability and uninterrupted operation in a round-the-clock period of time.

«Safe city» system includes high speed slewing cameras, server’s equipment for saving, storage, analyzing data, the specialized software, situational centre with information displaying devices, reliable, stable and high speed connection channels. As a rule, communication channels include the main route Gigabit Ethernet on fiber-optical systems basis and wireless video surveillance segments based on Wi-Max, Wi-Fi or radio waves technologies.

“RСI-CONSULTING” has successfully implemented the «Safe city» municipal project for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv city.

In scope of the project our company has equipped the basic areas, streets of the Kyiv central part with video control systems and the video image transfer to call center the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This system is realized on the basis of Panasonic high-speed rotating video cameras, Mitsubishi Electric video cubes for information display, ITV “Intelligence” platform, and Motorola Canopy wireless radio wave communication channel on receivers-transmitters basis.

Panasonic WV-CW960 video cameras applied in project are equipped by PTZ high-speed function (pan, an inclination, scaling) can freely turn on 360°, have powerful 30-fold zoom, allow the scale changing, enable to see in details small or remote objects, and Day/night function provides a legible images even at low light.

VS-67XLWF50U Mitsubishi Electric video cubes for displaying information installed in Call center of the Ministries of Internal Affairs allow the operator to observe as much as possible all events occur on controlled area.

The “Intelligence” platform application gives a large number of advantages:

  • Installation of any quantity of local or remote workplaces;
  • Video archives transferring on allocated servers for long-term storage;
  • Video streams distribution by a multicasting principle that means that each next client receiving a video stream from server does not increase the communication channel workload;
  • System automatically carries out a connection of the event to an electronic city map;
  • System carries out transformation the recorded video information to an AVI-format for the further distribution;
  • System built up with additional hardware and software modules. With integration of the modules like face recognition or car plate numbers recognition the system “recognizes” the offender or the stolen car by means of existing database, then the information comes to Situation Centre and law enforcement authorities are informed;
  • System automatically controls working capacity that prevents possible errors or failures. In case of failure the system work is automatically restarted by restoration of all subsystems work.

Our company spends a set of actions before system implementation:

  • Definition of the requirements specification with the Customer;
  • Technical designing, working out the system general architecture;
  • A choice of an optimum variant of the solution;
  • Creation of the “pilot” project in the chosen area;
  • Stage-by-stage expansion of system in other areas, transport nodal points;
  • Working out the corresponding standard base, instructions and plans.