It’s difficult to find the markets more competitive than the retail market. Retailers constantly look for ways of obtaining competitive advantage by means of increasing of efficiency, raising of client loyalty, accurately differentiating itself in the highly competitive market.

We bring to your attention the following technologies necessary at creation and the organization of modern sales outlets:

Musical design

Increasing of buyers loyalty, possibility of management of buying streams, improvement of outlet image directly depend on quality of sound systems by means which it’s possible to broadcast music, advertizing and voice mail.

Sound systems have to provide:

  • consistency of a sound covering,
  • optimum level of sound volume,
  • quality of a sound,
  • multizone (management of a sound in various zones of the room).

Background and advertising sound systems

Pleasant background music creates the cozy atmosphere and mood for purchases, increases efficiency of the personnel, gives identity, and also improves perception of broadcast advertizing messages.

To achieve of the best result we project and we install sound systems with an individual configuration on the basis of advance design taking into account requirements of the client, acoustic and architectural characteristics of each concrete room.

Advertizing sound system of the directed action

Acoustics Panphonics Sound Shower sound systems create the directed sound in the specified place, reducing influence of other external sources of a sound (including and background sound). It makes possible perception of information with high speech legibility, that is ideally for soundtracks translation near promo-points or defined shelves with goods.

Video advertising | Digital Signage

Digital Signage systems provide broadcasting of dynamically updated media content (video and sound) by means of displays (LCD monitors, plasma panels), integrated in unified system with the centralized management which can quickly change information separately on each of display devices.

The main purpose of Digital Signage is increase sales by attracting customers’ attention and to the deliver to it the necessary information at sales point.

Digital Signage is applied for:

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  • informing about various actions,
  • target advertising of goods and services in the department located near by,
  • branding,
  • broadcast general information.

Required attribute of modern shopping centers is broadcasting of commercial audio tracks of goods producers in cash zones.

Such type of advertising increases prestige not only advertised goods, but also the sales point (outlet), and also give possibility to earn selling advertising spaces.



Outlets carry out daily a lot of financial operations. In sales areas there are a large quantity of material assets in the form of goods and various services: fast foods, dry-cleaners, parkings. Taking into consideration of mentioned specifics, complexity of systems becomes one of the main requirements to modern systems of safety of shopping centers, that means creation of a hardware-software complex of:

  • alarm systems,
  • video surveillance systems (CCTV),
  • access control systems,
  • thief protective systems.

Solved tasks:

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  • continuous video control in sales zones, administrative and warehouse, and also in public places,counting of number of visitors of shopping center, defined sales and promo-points,
  • organization of automatic parking with possibility to tariff on parking time,
  • separation of access to personnel in various zones of shopping center,
  • accounting of working hours of employees,
  • defense of perimeter of territory,\
  • arming and disarming each separate outlet,
  • automatic restriction of visitors with unpaid goods by means of the special equipment (turnstiles, …),
  • the automatic notification of the operator about all alarm conditions, and also instant video record.

Face identification system, numbers of vehicles:

  • identification of objects (faces, vehicle numbers, left objects, that can be a potential threat and other factors )
  • registration violations order,
  • integration with database of photos, photofits, license plates to identify terrorists, criminals , delinquents.

Identification system of numbers of vehicles lets you to build an integrated system to monitor events in the warehouse, accounting on the number of vehicles, vehicle weight, date and time of arrival and departure from the warehouse, to record video files, create and various reports.

Video analytics for retail

Intelligent video surveillance systems offered by our company give possibility to make complete understanding of consumers behavior, to find answers to the following questions:

  • what is conversion coefficient,
  • in what place of shop buyers spend the most time and at what trade rows they go,
  • what shelves with goods and advertising campaigns attract the biggest numbers of clients,
  • what is coefficient of effectiveness defined trade rows and stands,
  • at what time is there the biggest number of buyers in shop,
  • when the longest queues are formed before cash desks,
  • how to create more effective schedule of work for personnel.

Such an analysis will help to increase the effectiveness of merchandising plan, to improve planning of trading areas and organize personnel work.