We advise our Customers how to save and increase their placement of funds in case of investments into information technology, telecommunication networks or security systems. Our awareness based on a unique combination of knowledge of technologies, understanding customer needs and practical experience in implementation, operation and service of many systems. We are able to provide consulting services including the technical audit, design, system implementation or maintenance. We are creating the additional value for our customers by providing technology solutions completely corresponding to their business needs.

Technical audit of telecommunication networks

The main task of the technical audit is the evaluation of organizational, technical and economic level of telecommunication network performance.
RCI Consulting performs technical audit of the following telecommunication networks:

  • analog cable television;
  • digital terrestrial and satellite cable television;
  • interactive television (IPTV);
  • data transfer.

In the course of audit different elements of telecommunication networks are checked:

  • servers;
  • workstations;
  • communication channels;
  • active network equipment;
  • network software;
  • antenna ports;
  • television head-end stations;
  • power-supply systems;
  • lightning protection and grounding systems;
  • air-conditioning and ventilating systems.

Technical audit enables making proper decision regarding acquisition, operation, modernization and expansion of telecommunication network, as well as optimization of operating costs and working out new policy of technical development and refitting the whole telecommunication network.

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The most frequent tasks from the clients are identification and evaluation of:

  • condition and accessibility factor of antenna port;
  • condition and ways of modernization of head-end cable TV station;
  • efficiency and good condition of highway network and access network, cable line infrastructure;
  • reliability of the power system;
  • efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilating systems;
  • interconnection quality and its compliance with established norms;
  • cable laying quality etc.

Conducting of technical audit of telecommunication networks makes it possible to reveal current problems and to get competent assistance concerning their elimination, to optimize and improve working efficiency of all available telecommunication resources.

Technical audit service should be conducted in the following cases:

  • Implementation of resource-intensive applications, requiring distributed computing
  • Development of new network services, e.g. VoIP, IPTV, Video on Demand, videoconferencing
  • Requirements strengthening concerning reliability, fail-safety, network safety
  • Network infrastructure obsolescence, technology renewal
  • Merger and acquisition of cable operators
  • Having different problems: unplanned expenses for network service, decrease in the quality of provided services

Technical audit consists of 3 stages: preparation, audit, report with recommendations.
Preparation stage includes:

  • identification of area, covered by audit;
  • analysis of current situation;
  • examination of documentation;
  • specification of the tasks set by the client;
  • preparation of work program.

In the course of technical audit stage following works are performed:

    • investigation of the object to be audited;
    • inventory of technical equipment (hardware) at the object;
    • audit of permits and technical documentation

(licences, sertificates, permits, commissioning certificates, checking of design documentation availability and quality of execution, compliance of the technical specification with project designs, flexibility and scaling feature of suggested designs, compliance assessment of chosen equipment);

  • execution of measurements, tests on-site in order to reveal conformity between constructed object and approved project designs and quality of work;
  • checking, updating and description of network’s organization scheme;
  • analytical report generation with list of hardware, description of hardware condition, description of connection schemes, drawings, schemes, test record sheet, workstation parameters, layout and wiring scheme of network equipment, network topology etc.;
  • evaluation of development prospects, network improvement recommendations.

Technical audit is an important and complicated process, which can be successfully performed only by professionals. Highly-qualified specialists of RCI Consulting have long experience to ensure technical audit, using proven methods as well as modern measuring and testing equipment.


Technical Due Diligence

he term “due diligence” first came into common use as a result of the United States’ Securities Act in 1933. Originally this term was used for validation of data published in capital investments offers.

Nowadays Due Diligence implies investigation of the investment candidate with the aim of building the objective notion about it, including investment risks valuation and a variety of other factors. Therefore Due Diligence is one of the effective de-risking tools and the measure to protect interests of the parties in the course of large transactions execution.

The aim of Technical Due Diligence is evaluation of the company’s technical condition (e.g. cable TV provider, communications service provider, internet service provider), its core assets for the purpose of getting objective and full information in order to define possible risks and benefits of the forthcoming transaction.

It is necessary to conduct Technical Due Diligence in case of:

  • Outsourcing and signing of cooperation agreements
  • Purchase/sale of companies
  • Company merger
  • Participation in joint activities, which demands setting up/improving/maintenance of IT infrustructure by the other party
  • Telecommunication networks financing
  • Telecommunication networks insurance

In the course of Technical Due Diligence are carried out:

  • Analysis of telecommunication network topology and architecture
  • Normative-technical examination of the design documentation
  • Inspection of approval and technical documentation
  • Conformity and quality assessment of construction and installation works according to the design documentation
  • Technical evaluation of telecommunication network and related assets
  • Cost estimation of the defects evaluation in the network
  • Technical capability assessment of the telecommunication network
  • Investment risks identification
  • Assessment of business plan compliance with the investors’ expectations in the technical aspect of network modernization and development
  • Feasibility assessment of new services and technologies implementation in the existing or planned network.
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RCI Consulting company has following steps in conducting Technical Due Diligence:

1 Step
Examination of the design and technical documentation for the purpose of understanding the characteristics needed to be assessed and the development of conceptual model for the forthcoming investigation.

2 Step
Discussion investigation methods, presentation form of results and specifies the tasks with the client.

3 Step
Forming a team of experts, responsible for the investigation, which should be conducted in strict accordance with previously agreed client’s demands. The scope of work in the course of the process is specified individually depending on the project complexity.

4 Step
Carrying out comprehensive investigation and presenting result report to the client, providing him with detailed and clear technical explanation.

5 Step
Evaluation of reasonability of additional client’s support, which means assistance to the client (depending on client’s wish) during the meetings, negotiations, consultations and providing answers concerning technical resume of the report.

RCI Consulting has a long successful history of conducting Technical Due Diligence for the companies of Ukraine and CIS countries (Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.), following the flexible pricing policy.