Despite of the rapid development of the Internet during the last years the television remains one of the basic sources of the information, entertainment and rest for many people. The television is the source of earnings and means of customer’s attraction for cable operators, Internet providers (IPTV), hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and TV channels.

Our company has more than 15 years of television systems building practical experience with different levels of complexity.

RCI Consulting carries out designing, delivery, installation and maintenance services for:

  • The satellite communication of the land antenna systems (antenna ports). We used the ASC Signal (Andrew), Prodelin, Patriot, DH, MABO, Supral, SMW, California Amplifier, Norsat equipment for TV/radio channels or cable television service providers;
  • The IPTV Head End stations (WISI, A2B, Harmonic, Tandberg, Cisco) and analog television stations (WISI, IKUSI, A2B) for communication & cable television service providers, multiroom building complexes, hotels, cottages;
  • The distributive television networks for office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and also multi-room complexes;
  • The radio/TV satellite individual systems for offices, apartments and cottages;
  • The mobile TV satellite systems for cars, buses, yachts and trains;
  • OTT platform;
  • Signal and network monitoring and control;
  • Internet video streaming.