Despite the rapid development in the last years of the Internet, for many people TV remains one of the main sources of information, entertainment and recreation. In addition, television is one of the sources of earning and attracting customers for cable operators, Internet providers (IPTV), hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and of course, television channels. During 15 years our company has accumulated considerable practical experience in the construction of television systems of various levels of complexity throughout the territory of Ukraine.

RCI-Consulting provides design, delivery, installation, and service:

  • Antenna systems for satellite terrestrial stations (Antenna port, Antenna station) including uplink for television and radio channels, telecommunication operators and cable TVs
  • IPTV and digital TV stations for telecommunication and cable operators, as well as for residential multi-apartment buildings, hotels, cottages
  • Distribution of television networks for office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and residential;
  • Apartment Dwellings
  • Satellite and terrestrial systems for offices, apartments and cottages;
  • Mobile satellite TV systems for cars, buses, yachts
  • OTT Platforms
  • Broadcast and TV broadcasting systems
  • Video Broadcasting on the Internet.

Hotel Television

What is a hotel TV?

Hotel Television with a well-chosen list of TV channels and good quality broadcasts creates a positive impression of the hotel, and also provides an opportunity for owners to earn money by offering their customers to view pay-TV packages.

Paid hotel television packages are formed using an address coding system. To connect to the selected package of TV channels, it is enough for the client to inform the hotel staff about their choice. Connecting to new packages can be done by the staff through a convenient and intuitive interface. No special training is required for using this system. The billing system automatically takes into account the cost of the service in the client’s account.

Benefits for Customers

The client can also independently connect to pay-TV packages. To do this, you need to install an interactive hotel television system.

With regard to the technology of building a hotel television system, the most effective and economically justifiable is a television system with a combined reception system (receiving terrestrial and satellite channels) based on the main station. This scheme has also become most popular among hotel owners as it allows to independently change the configuration of the system (number and list of TV channels).

Main features of hotel television

Channel Receiving System consists of an antenna port and a main station. Usually, a antenna port (antenna post) is being built on the roof of the hotel – a complex of satellite and terrestrial antennas that provide reception of signals from the airspace and satellites.

The complexity of the satellite part of the system depends on the number of satellites and channels that are received, the presence or absence of the coded channels in the list and the method of distributing the satellite signal. In some cases, the reception of one selected channel may be of the same value as the cost of receiving 10 channels. Therefore, it is extremely important, at the design stage, to properly select the channels, otherwise it can lead to a significant increase in the price of the television system as a whole.

Benefits for you

  • Zoom. The cost of connecting a new subscriber is 50 UAH.
  • Flexibility. Ability to connect new channels and satellites without reconfiguring the existing network.
  • Same channel list for all clients.
  • Easy to manage when changing the channel list. Automatically make changes to settings on all TVs.

The main station of television


Home TV Station converts the signals coming from the antenna port and is usually located in the hotel’s server room. In the future, the signals are transmitted to the distribution network of television on hotel TVs to end-users.


One of the advantages of this scheme is the insignificant cost of connecting a new subscriber to the network.

In the event that the hotel already has a structured cable system (SCS) built, it is used as a distribution network of television, and the IP head station is used as the main station.

If there is no SCS in the hotel, a separate distribution network with a high-quality coaxial cable and a digital head station is being used to broadcast signals. Topology of the distribution television network is chosen depending on the number and location of subscriber points.


Hotel television systems are designed for round-the-clock work in a variety of conditions, so one of the main requirements for the choice of equipment is reliability and fault tolerance. As for the supplier of equipment for main stations, the WISI company (Germany) has been the undisputed leader in this field for many years.

At subscriber points, hotel TVs with STB (prefixes, Set-Top-Box) are installed in the case of IP-signals, or with DVB-C receivers (tuners) with a digital TB signal.

Briefly about the main components

Antenna port

Antenna Port, Antenna Post (ASC Signal (Andrew), Prodelin, Patriot, DH, MABO, Supral, SMW, Norsat, California Amplifier) is a set of satellite and terrestrial antennas that provide reception of signals from terrestrial stations and satellites.

Main Station and IPTV

The main station of the television (WISI, A2B, Harmonic, Tandberg, Cisco) serves to convert the signals coming from the antenna port, which are subsequently broadcast to distributive television networks (in the case of IPTV there is also the formation of media content).

IPTV is a digital technology for multi-program interactive TV broadcasting in an IP network with HD video streaming and multichannel sound.

Mobile Satellite Systems

Modern digital satellite television systems perform the functions of searching, targeting, “capturing and retaining” satellites. These systems also have the ability to quickly automatic antenna positioning, provide high-quality television signal even when driving at high speeds or when changing the trajectory.

Depending on the expected conditions for receiving programs, mobile satellite systems can be equipped with a different number of stepping motors, which provide dynamic positioning of the antenna in two or three axis coordinate systems. Systems allow you to watch different channels on different TV receivers at the same time.

TV Distribution Network

TV distribution network is the most important element of the television system; it depends on the quality of the image on all TV receivers and the ability to expand the system with an increase in the number of broadcasts without full or partial replacement.

The main task of the distribution network is the delivery of a group signal of a certain level to each subscriber TV receiver with minimal distortion and noise and with the maximum level of the signal at any point in the network.

OTT – Platform

OTT (“Over The Top”) is a technology for delivering media content (video and audio) over the Internet to directly connect to a network subscriber device (from the STB subscriber to iPad and mobile phone). For OTT-solutions it is not necessary to allocate the network infrastructure of the operator, the main condition is the subscriber’s access to the Internet.

OTT-platform systems complex:

  • Transcoding System
  • Content Distribution and Broadcasting
  • Content Recording & Storage System
  • Authorization and Access Control System
  • Media Content Quality Adaptation System and Automatic Switchover without Interrupting View for Any Bandwidth and Channel Type
  • Statistics and Reports System
  • Client Programs and User Interface

Our comprehensive solution

RCI Consulting Company offers a complete integrated OTT solution for providers, media companies and content owners, which includes:

  • OTT-platform – software and hardware complex that provides reception of media content and delivery.
    it’s on any modern subscriber device,
  • 100% backup of its components,
  • Unified subscriber interface on any device
  • developing a content monetization system,
  • Integration of security systems (access control) and billing

OTT Services


  • Airtime recording on the operator’s side and delayed transmission view
  • Snap a video stream to a program and navigate to recorded transmissions
  • Quick search by text attributes
  • Cataloging

Catch Up

  • Ability to pause the air and continue browsing at another convenient time


  • Instantaneous rewind


  • Providing video content to a subscriber request

Live TV

  • On-line TV Broadcasting on the Internet