Organization of workplaces for Digital Screens (OLL.TV)

On the eve of the New Year’s holidays, RCI Consulting has completed the project on organizing workplaces in the expanded office space of Digital Screens, a leading provider of interactive digital TV and VOD (brand OLL.TV)
Specialists of RCI Consulting built a structured cable system (SCS), as well as work on the electrification of future jobs.

Electricity research for Ukrgasbank

The electrolytic laboratory of RCI Consulting has completed a large-scale project on electrical measurements and checking of the technical condition of the electrical grids of branches of JSB Ukrgasbank throughout Ukraine.
According to the results of the research, technical reports were drawn up with protocols of electrical measurements.
JSB Ukrgasbank is among the top ten leading banks in Ukraine. The regional branch network of JSB Ukrgasbank is represented by over 150 branches in all regions of Ukraine and in the city of Kyiv.

Comprehensive security system for the FORA hostel

RCI Consulting Company completed the implementation of a comprehensive security system for the “Fora” trading network hostel, located in the city of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. The security system consists of a video surveillance system and an access control and access control system (ACMS), allows you to minimize the number of staff, as well as increase the security of guests.
The CCTV system has a geographically-developed architecture and consists of peripheral equipment (internal and external camcorders with IR illumination), server equipment (monitors, server, video recorders, special software), power supply systems and data transmission channels. With the help of the installed system, the security service can centrally control events both inside the hostel and on the adjacent territory of the building.
The control and access control system is designed to regulate the access of guests to the floors of the hostel. The identifier uses proximity access cards. In addition, to interfere with third-party access to the territory, an interphone system was installed

Video analytics for retail and security video surveillance

Video surveillance system (CCTV) is software & hardware (cameras, lenses, monitors, recorders and other equipment) engineering system intended for video surveillance organization as for local as for geographically remote sites. System can be maximally adapted to any customer requirements in order to match the specifics premises or security demands. Systems can be installed for different purposes: as counteraction to thieves, the review for safety purpose, information reception, certain area documenting, explicit data analysis, etc.
The advantage of video surveillance systems comparing with other security systems is their high information content (90 % of all information about the world man receives via organ of vision). Check the correct operation of security systems, exclude false alarm signal (security, fire, perimeter, anti-theft, car security systems) can be executed remotely – via video system. And very important – prevent accident, finding out a dangerous movement close by protected zone, deciphering a possible threat to the screen of the monitor. This is especially necessary for remote unmanned objects.
Analog systems are popular still on small objects, which use analog CCTV cameras and digital recording devices – video recorders (DVR). Analog CCTV systems attract customers because of low cost, simplicity of operation and maintenance, but the future belong to digital systems.
Built on an IP-based cameras and digital recorders, or IP- video servers, have advantages over analog, digital video surveillance system have advantages over analog: high resolution image and quality, the possibility to transmit video and power over a single cable using PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology, function of PTZ camera without laying additional management cable, the possible to create complicated systems with unlimited number of cameras and with remotely located video archives and other.

Intelligent video surveillance

Facial recognition systems and number plate recognition:

  • objects recognition (faces, number plate, abandoned objects detection, potential dangerous objects and other factors )
  • registration of violations of the order ,
  • database integration of photos, identikit, license plates to identify terrorists, criminals, delinquents.

Number plate recognition system makes possible to create an integrated system to monitor events in the warehouse, to keep records on number plates, vehicle weight, date and time of arrival and departure from the warehouse, to record video information files, and create reports and export various events.
By means of such a system law enforcement agencies can solve the problems of security on a new level and always respond quickly and take appropriate action.

Videoanalytics for retail

Intelligent video surveillance systems, offered by our company, allow to gain good understanding of consumer behavior, and to find answers to the following questions:

  • what is the coefficient of conversion
  • at what place in the store do buyers spend the most of their time,
  • which shelves with the products and promotions attract the majority of customers ,
  • what is the efficiency coefficient of defined malls and butt stands ,
  • at what time is the largest quantity of buyers in the store,
  • when is the longest queues formed in store,
  • how to make the best employee work shedule.

Such an analysis will help to increase the effectiveness of merchandising, improve planning of sales areas and organize the work of the staff.

TV system and system of advertising and background sounding for Novus

RCI Consulting has successfully completed the equipment of the background and advertising systems of new supermarkets of the Novus trading network in Bucha (Ukraine) and Kyiv on Brovarsky avenue, 21. Traditionally, for this trading network, in the construction of sound systems, the excellent TOA equipment (Japan ) The delivery of equipment, as well as all installation work, were performed by specialists of RCI Consulting.
Within the framework of the project, the provision of satellite and digital terrestrial TV signals in the format of DVB-T2 in the area of ​​the bars of the trading floor was arranged with the conclusion on the large-format TVs, where broadcasting of sports and informative cognitive channels is envisaged.

IP video surveillance in the framework of the Safe City project in the Kyiv region

RCI Consulting Company implemented the first “Safe City” project in the city of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. The “Safe City” project is an IP-video surveillance system for monitoring the situation on the roads and streets of the city of Vyshneve. The video signal from the surveillance cameras in real time enters the post of the operator in the local police station, which allows law enforcement agencies to quickly assess the situation and respond to all emerging events, as well as record the events of the video server for their further analysis. The project is implemented within the framework of the concept of building a “safe city” approved by the Vyshneve City Council and the design documentation developed by RCI Consulting.

Digital Signage at MRS Prospect in Kyiv

RCI Consulting completed the introduction of the first stage of the Digital Signage system in the new shopping center “Prospect”, which opened recently in Kyiv at the intersection of the streets of Krasnogvardeyskaya and Chervonotkatska. The developer of the shopping and entertainment center was the company Arricano Group, with which RCI Consulting has long established partnerships.
Digital Signage solution implemented on the basis of IP-technology using a central server and local media player with content output on LCD monitors located on the territory of the shopping center.
Digital Signage systems provide the broadcast of dynamically updated media (video and audio) with displays that are integrated into a single centralized system that allows you to quickly change information on each of the display devices.
Digital Signage is used for:
• information about various promotions,
• Targeted advertising on goods and services located at shopping malls (boutiques),
• image advertising
• broadcasts of general information.

Signal reception system in the C-band for BBC

A project to build a satellite reception system for the BBC has been completed (BBC). The peculiarity of the project implementation was that the broadcasting of the signals was carried out in the C-band, and that the installation of the system was carried out on an already existing antenna field. In connection with this, there was a need for modernization of the antenna port and reinforcement of metal structures, taking into account the difficult meteorological conditions. An antenna was chosen as the receiving antenna by Skyware Global (USA) with a diameter of 2.4 m.
Within the framework of the project, RCI Consulting specialists performed the following works: design calculations, project documentation development, equipment delivery, installation work to enhance the antenna port construction, as well as installation and commissioning of the TV system.
The BBC is a British media corporation that carries out radio, television, and Internet broadcasting in 28 languages.

Access control system for the lifting plant “OTIS”

RCI Consulting Company completed a project to equip the network control system for access control points in the administrative and production buildings of the lifting plant of the company “Otis”, located in Kyiv (Ukraine). The ITV company was chosen as a manufacturer of equipment and software for the access control system, thanks to the high operational reliability of its products.
The Ukrainian company “Otis” is part of the international group of companies Otis Elevator, the largest manufacturer of lifting equipment in the world, which celebrated its 160th anniversary last year.

System of video surveillance at school

Completed project on the introduction of video surveillance system in one of the specialized schools in the city of Kyiv. The built-in video surveillance system will allow you to control the places of the general use of the school (corridors, hallways), as well as entrances to the building. The supply of equipment and all installation work were carried out by specialists of RCI Consulting company.
Video data from all cameras is displayed on the monitor of the security post. The video surveillance system also includes the ability to record and view video archives and allows for a gradual increase in the number of video cameras, without compromising the functioning of the already built system.
To date, the security television system (video surveillance) is actually mandatory in educational institutions, since it solves most of the security issues and, if necessary, greatly facilitates the investigation of various incidents and events. This is anti-terrorist security, and the prevention of theft, as well as the personal safety of students and faculty.

Sound recording system in supermarket “Furshet” in Lviv

The largest Ukrainian retail chain “Furshet” expands its presence in the western region. Recently, the opening of the third store in Lviv (Ukraine) on the street. Zubritsky, 36. RCI Consulting, as a long-time partner in the Furshet network, has traditionally been responsible for developing project documentation and installing a background and advertising sound system in a new supermarket. All design and installation work was performed by specialists of RCI Consulting on a high professional level in terms of time set by the customer.

Attestation of RCI Consulting in DP "Ukrmetrteststandard "

The company RCI Consulting (LLC “RCI Consulting”) has successfully passed certification in SE “Ukrmetrteststandart.” Certificate of qualification issued by our company confirms that measuring electrical laboratory of “PCI Consulting” certified under the Law of Ukraine “On metrology and metrological activity” and meets the criteria for certification of measuring laboratories according to “Rules of Authorization and certification in the state metrological system ”
Measuring electrical laboratory certified for measurements of insulation resistance, resistance grounded device, loop impedance “phase-zero” and check operation of protection devices.

Designing low-current systems for the hotel " Karabakh Resort & amp; Spa " in Azerbaijan

The development of design documentation for low-current systems for the new five-star SPA-hotel “Karabakh Resort & Spa”, located in the resort zone of the Naftalan Republic of Azerbaijan, has been completed. The hotel is being built within the framework of a large state program of renovation of the Naftalan resort.
The following technologies for this hotel were designed by RCI Consulting specialists: network infrastructure, WI-FI, telephony, CCTV, access control and management system, interactive television system, conference system. At the moment, implementation of the project has begun.
Naftalan Resort is the most famous balneological resort in Azerbaijan, located 50 km from the ancient city of Ganja on the shore of an artificial lake in the shade of pine trees. It is here that extracted unique naphthalan oil, which is actively used in the treatment of more than 70 diseases.

Voice system for Furshet

The project on the supply of equipment and the installation of a sound system for a trading floor in a new supermarket of the Furshet network, located at the Atmosphere shopping center on the Stolychne highway in Kyiv, has been successfully completed. The audio system for broadcasting background music and advertisements has five zones with independent volume control.
During the project, BOSCH acoustic systems (Germany), enhancement equipment and microphone for announcements were used – BERG (China).

Access control and video surveillance system for State Research Institute

The project on installation of an access control system (SCS) and security video surveillance for the State Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise has been successfully completed.
The object-based control and access control system allows to regulate the passage as the territory of the institute (on the central passage the tent legends in the complex with the special stainless steel fence are installed) and in the various controlled areas / premises of the building itself (30 access points are equipped with electrically operated locks and readers of contactless cards).
Installed within the framework of this system, the program complex with the verification module allows the guards to check the person’s face passing through the checkpoint