Antenna port (antenna post) for TRC Ukraine

The project on building an antenna port (antenna post) for TRK Ukraine has been successfully completed. RCI Consulting has completed all work on project development, equipment supply, installation and installation of systems. During the project implementation, 8 antennas with a diameter of 1.8 m (6 Skyware Global (USA) antennas and 1 rotary antenna with a polar suspension) were installed.
Antenna port (antenna post) was installed on the roof of an office building on a specially designed supporting structure, and also equipped with a lightning protection system and a system for monitoring the status of antennas (in relation to the signal).
The need for a new antenna port appeared in connection with the formation of a TV signal for IPTV providers.
For RCI Consulting, this project was the continuation of successful cooperation with TRK Ukraine, as in 2010-2012, antenna ports with satellite dishes with diameters of 3.7 m and 2.4 m were constructed.
TRK Ukraina is a member of Media Group Ukraine LLC. Today this media holding also includes:
• Youth Channel “UFO TB”
• Thematic channel “Football”
• Thematic channel “Football +”
• HD version of the thematic channel “Football +”
• Donbass Regional Channel
• regional channel “Sigma TV”
• Regional TV channel “Sphere TV”
• Djital Screns, which develops video services
• production company “Tele Pro”
• Sales-house “Media Partnership”
Also, “Media Group Ukraine” together with “Ukrainian Media Holding” owns and manages the company “United Online Ventures”, which combines the portals,,
Photo report of an implemented project: