We offer a car tracking moving systems for transport agencies with GPS-monitoring using.

GPS Monitoring

With this system company’s management will receive an effective tool for movement control of its transport fleet. The system provides accurate and strict information during 24 hours per day.

System’s possibilities are:

  • The identification/control of movement/stop of vehicles (a speed, a route, the passed way, stops, parking, etc.);
  • The control of fuel consumption;
  • The identification of drivers, control of their working hours, movement route detailed display of any separate unit of techniques, including the specialized trailers.

Mobile Satellite TV

Your favorite shows or news block will start in 5 minutes, but you’re not at home… Now you can watch it all with the help of advanced mobile technologies of satellite TV!

Today high-quality satellite TV programs may be available to you on a high-speed yacht, boat, car, train or bus during time of travel. You can watch your favorite TV show, listen to the music with friends in places where not so long ago, it seemed impossible to do.

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We can provide a modern digital satellite TV system with function of searching, targeting, capturing and holding satellites.

The systems that we offer to the customers can provide auto-position the antennas to satellite and high quality TV signal reception, even during the vehicle moving at high speeds or changing its moving trajectory.

Our systems can be completed with different numbers of step-motors depending on the anticipated conditions of programs reception that provide dynamic positioning antennas in two or three axis coordinate system.

System allows you to watch different channels on different TVs at the same time. We offer to the Customer the receivers supporting as standard as HD resolution.

We can offer solutions that differ from others by the technical capabilities and belong to different price ranges. Depending on your needs and the budget we can offer you a simple solution or top-end one.

We will provide a qualitative technical support such as technical consultations by phone, a quick fault fixing, a prompt repair or replacement of the faulty equipment.