For today our company offers for hotels a full complex of technologies and solutions which will help to organize and modify the institution and a personnel’s work, protect the visitors and hotel-property from the criminal encroachments, raise fire security and other emergencies, increase hotel’s profit on sailing the additional services to the lodgers.


The hotels belong to a class of complex engineering buildings. In such complex building the different kinds of apartments, shopping complexes, beauty salons, restaurants, swimming pools, offices, meeting rooms, parking and laundry facilities may take place. There are many engineering sub-systems in the hotel complex such as a power, water, the heating and lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, the security, the communication and telecommunication networks. A guarantee for successful operation of all complex sub-systems and structures is the dispatching system using.

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The administrator server and the specialized software are combined into the center of dispatching system, which helps to control of the peripheral equipment operation, and monitor all rooms and subsidiary premises, archive the information. The task of the peripheral system (various gages, controllers, actuators) is access control, management of a power and water supply, lightning, creation of a comfortable microclimate in hotel premises, the alarm system at occurrence of an emergency situation. The security system of the hotel: the fire alarm and fire suppression system, an access control, video surveillance system can be either integrated into the dispatching system or cooperate with it. For example, sensors of movement and contacts of windows or doors opening can work as for control of lighting and climate as for security system. The application of the access control system with plastic cards as a part of dispatching system has effectively proved. If the card is inserted into a special card-reader box in the room the electricity is switched on and water supply is also connected. If the card isn’t inserted into room card-reader, than the room power is disconnected and water delivery stops. The real energy savings in this case up to 60%. On-line controllers can at the same time monitor who is present in the room now (guest or staff), as well as transfer service messages about the readiness of rooms for arrival or about the need to make some repairs etc.

We implement the dispatching projects based on various technical solutions with the best equipment of world leaders like ТАС Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, SALTO Systems. The «open» LonWorks data transfer technology is used in TAC Schneider Electric solutions. This technology makes possible to combine equipment from different manufacturers, to expand and develop the project in time, add the new control units, replace algorithms, use new types of controllers and actuators instead of replacing the entire fleet of equipment. The central element of the TAC is the TAC Vista software server. The server and local controllers are connected to TAC Xenta LonWorks network by “twisted pair”. Each TAC Xenta controller manages a specific technological installation.

TAC Vista software has a variety of management and monitoring tools, such as:

  • Graphical display of data;
  • The processing of alarms;
  • Continuous recording of events;
  • The remote access;
  • The operation by time schedules;
  • Create and display graphs of parameters;
  • Create and save reports at the required form;
  • the control of resource consumption;
  • Planning of the maintenance.

Dispatching system based on the TAC equipment can be built with using all modern tools of data transfer: GSM modems, RAS, Internet and TCP / IP. There are about 60 objects with TAC operating systems in Ukraine.

While the dispatch system of the hotel constructing on equipment eXtended Room Management (XRM) of the Johnson Controls company are used interactive room controllers which cooperate and communicate with the distribution network controllers of a separate floor, which united by Ethernet network of the building. By using the XRM indoor controller the hotel guest can adjust the required temperature and ventilation mode on one’s own. Controller is equipped with graphic display and function keys, has a stylish appearance. Air-conditioning systems and rooms’ service are activated by a signal from the internal card reader controller. With the access control system including the SALTO control complex at the hotel, we can solve a lot of problems. In addition to autonomous electronic locks and wall readers, the system includes a control system based on a personal computer. The program complex consists of a SALTO Hams client-server application, PPD programmer and encoders RS-232 or TCP / IP version.

The advantages the SALTO Hotel system for guests:

  • The comfort and safety of the advanced media use;
  • The “one key” technology allowing one key pass into the authorized or paid hotel rooms;
  • The ability to use the key as payment instrument inside the hotel;
  • Reliable locking of rooms, an electronic function “Do Not Disturb”, emergency exit by one time pushing.

The advantages for personnel and owners of the hotel:

  • Increasing the prestige of the advanced security systems using;
  • Wi-Fi/Wireless reliable and maintenance undemanding system of locking corresponding to the latest standards;
  • The comfort and safety of modern and copy-protected media using;
  • Authorization for the access to the system;
  • Audit possibility of any lock opening including recording to user’s map;
  • Audit of the lock battery status;
  • Easy and intuitive procedures for guests’ accommodation (including the interface with the PMS systems);
  • Simple cancellation of lost cards of the personnel;
  • Special cards for the temporary personnel.

In contrast to passive energy controllers that one operate on the principle of physical contact closure when inserting the cards or any other object of appropriate size, the active energy-saving controllers (pockets) SALTO are On-line electronic devices with the possibility of the algorithm work programming. Due to the programming possibility for time-off delay (from 1 second to 255 minutes), they can be used to control the equipment timing process. For example, at the hotel’s laundry room, or at manufacturing shop floor to monitor production operations to control the system arm / disarm areas under protection.

So, the dispatching makes life-support systems of the hotel extremely effective, and reducing the percent of use the resources in irrational way that allows you significantly decrease the costs and get thus the additional profit. The implementation effect of an integrated dispatch system is shown in form of lower energy consumption, heat and maintenance costs, as well as significant increase staff productivity.


TV for hotels

Each service provided by the hotel can be regarded as independent business and at the same time it’s linked to all other hotel facilities. A lot of hotels’ services dependent on each other less, but together they affect the quality of the service reviews, and ultimately the occupancy at the hotel.

The Interactive television is the unique possibility to acquaint the visitor with various hotels’ services like: the restaurants, bars, a sauna, the business center, and the conference halls. The visitor can receive detailed information about the hotel in convenient form, in any language of interactive system. On the one hand, the interactive television in the hotel helps to advance all basic services, making a positive image about the hotel. On the other hand, it is revenue, that giving to visitors the modern entertaining services.

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The Interactive television profitability

Following paid interactive services give the greatest economic benefit:

  • The Video on Demand (VoD);
  • The Video under the time schedule or paid television channels (Pay TV);
  • The high-speed Internet on a TV screen.

The Interactive TV organization expenses include:

  • The Network infrastructure (cable TV and Ethernet network). In case of using the system based on already laid TV network these expenses are excluded;
  • The Hotel’s TVs;
  • The Interactive TV system includes: a special interactive TV equipment (Set-Top-Box) or built in module for each TV; the equipment and central server software of interactive system; the installation works;
  • The TV content rights.

The service payback depends on a lot of factors (the quantity of hotel rooms, paid services range, the price policy, etc.) and can be from 14 till 28 months.

The Interactive TV Basic functions.

The Basic information services are:

  • A Greeting of the visitor;
  • A Personal messages;
  • The Bill viewing;
  • An Acquaintance with the hotel services.

Paid interactive services are:

  • The Video on demand / films on demand (VoD);
  • The Films under the time schedule, paid TV channels (Pay TV);
  • The Internet and e-mail services.

The Free functions are:

  • A broadcasting TV, satellite channels;
  • The Alarm clock;
  • The bar or restaurant menu, room order;
  • The Express extract.

The Office functions for the hotel personnel:

  • The Room status check;
  • The Minibar status check.

This list can vary and be supplemented depending on chosen hotel TV system and from the customer wishes.


Audiovisual complex

The low-current systems in any building can be divided conditionally into two groups: the general and the local.

The GENERAL SYSTEMS provide an object functioning as a whole. First of all these Systems include the safety and notification systems, engineering systems of dispatching and control.

The LOCAL SYSTEMS work with the object zones and carry out the information, presentation and entertaining functions.

The hotel’s area could be divided into 3 functional zones depend on the equipment placing:

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  1. Public zone (an entrance lobby, corridors and halls)
  2. Business zone (offices, a conference hall, negotiation rooms)
  3. Rest and entertainment zone (restaurants, bars, dancing and hall cinemas/videos, gyms, pools)

Public zone

The Public zone is the first zone which the visitors get in. The first impression about the hotel depends on a lobby atmosphere. The Information about the entertaining and advertizing systems is used in public zone.

It could be:

  • Background music systems (can be a part of the general notification system;
  • Information and advertizing displays.

Business zone

  • Background music and notification system.
  • The equipment of conference halls and meeting rooms (stationary or mobile).
  • Projective or monitor multimedia systems (the protective equipment).
  • Conference system with equipment for simultaneous interpretation, registration and voting, and teleconference and videoconference systems.
  • Sound amplification systems.
  • The automated shorthand systems and decoding of shorthand reports.
  • Technological TV systems for video recording and translation of conferences in other premises (rooms of translators and stenographers, the press center etc.).
  • Boards, notebooks and the other presentation equipment.

Rest and entertainments zone

  • System of background music and the notification for any premises
  • The projective, light and sound equipment for restaurants, bars, discos
  • The projective and sound equipment for cinema/video
  • Audio/video of system for sports training, shaping and other gyms
  • Systems for reception of radio and satellite TV.

Video observation system

The Video observation system always enable to control what is happening in the hotel rooms, watching the staff and customers, provide a surveillance of the buildings and areas around it, help to identify the attacker and avoid conflict situations if necessary. You can get the video observation information through the Internet. If the system works independently the information remains on a hard disk of the recorder which you can transfer on DVD or the USB-carrier and to familiarize with an event during any time convenient for you.

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Installed video cameras have to record everything that happens in the rooms’ area, corridors, elevators and stairs. The hotel entrance and reception must be monitored the same as meeting with the clients, an important paperwork or a payment procedure. The cameras are installed in places of a parking for as much increase observation area of the hotel territory as possible. The cameras are recommended with the high resolution color and replaceable corners of review, in the street the IR Vandal-proof lighting to be applied.

The video observation subsystem can include the modules of a capture and a person’s recognition, the registration cars’ numbers and detection of the left stuff. Depending on a task in view and specificity of the hotel our company can offer video surveillance systems of various brands: Vision Hi-Tech, EverFocus, Laice, Panasonic, Bosch and others.


Security and fire alarm system

The Security alarm system provides a protection of separate rooms, office accommodations, a building perimeter, an automobile parking or an external area from the breaking and criminal encroachment. Also the fire alarm system provides a protection from fire and its consequences.

The system is based on different types of alarm sensors like a glass breakage, a motion, magnetic contact, a vibration, firefighters and others. If a sensor triggered an alarm then signal is transmitted to the central security processor of the hotel with the additional audible and visual alarm devices activation.

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We ought to note that the traditional alarm system for the rooms are not quite right, as they have to arm / disarm by using the keyboard, secret codes must be changed by new guest or the protection of the room should be activated by an administrator. Such complicated procedures are inconvenient for the guests.

We recommend to use another system. The hotel room is under protection if the door’s e-cards was extracted from energy saving pockets and disarm when the card is in the pocket.


Access control management system

The main tasks of access control system is the admission of lodgers in the hotel room via electronic key and auto lock the key at discharge time, blocking lost or stolen keys, registration of all events of the entrance / exit facilities, making various reports on events, dates, times, codes of electronic keys.

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We can mark out two main hotel locking systems: an electronic key as plastic cards with magnetic stripe or as reprogrammable card with a built-in memory chip. The card of the second type have a much greater storage capacity, less vulnerable to the external factors and the most importantly allows you to get access if the card is written the time and space, which includes the card holder.

The network access monitoring system allows you to provide a regular control of the hotel personnel work and carefully tracing all their moving. Received information is remembered in a system database and can be analyzed further.

The Implementing of access control system greatly increases the comfort and quality of service reviews, the safety of the hotel, significantly reduces the cost of hotel rooms energy supply, reduces the number of emergency and conflict situations.


Automated parking

With automated parking equipment visitor can get high level of service with maximum comfort and safety for their cars. The system includes: entry and exit racks, turnpikes, operators workplace on computer basis, the automated payment terminals and accessories.

The economic effect from implementation of the system is achieved through:

  • increased revenue collection;
  • increased the capacity of vehicles by automating the processes of entry and exit;
  • reduced quantity of the staff.

The automated parking system can be integrated with video surveillance system and recognize the license plates of cars.