The main task of law enforcement agencies – ensuring protection of national interests of the country, a guarantee of safety of the state and society from external and internal threats in all spheres of activity.

Nowadays law enforcement agencies use the advanced information technologies more actively. Modern complexes and telecommunication systems should have a high level of high combat readiness, high fault tolerance, the mobility, necessary capacity, availability, manageability, and also must ensure compliance with requirements for information security.

Along with growing dependence on the electronic technologies connected with distribution of information, threat of cyber attacks, the aim of which, as a rule, become public information resources, and network infrastructure, also grows. All this makes the question of strengthening security of digital networks and infrastructures especially actual.

The governments of many countries, including the USA, China, Germany, Israel, Russia has decided to form a separate type of military forces – “cyberarmy”, whose main mission will be opposition in in virtual space secret services of other countries, extremist and criminal organizations that menace national and economic security country.

Taking into consideration the challenges which face law enforcement agencies, RCI Consulting offers a range of specially designed solutions based on advanced information technologies and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturer.

Security systems

  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Intellectual video analytical systems
  • Access control systems
  • Biometric access control systems
  • Security screening equipment and metal detectors
  • Systems of perimeter protection

Telecommunication networks and services

Design, construction and service of telecommunication networks:

  • Fiber-optic communication lines
  • Structured cable systems
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi networks
  • Distribution television networks

Organization and maintenance of telecommunications services:

  • Departmental (corporative) communication (ATC) systems
  • Providing access to the Internet
  • Departmental (corporative) data networks
  • Video conferencing systems

Audio- and videosystems

  • Video projective systems
  • Conference systems, congress systems
  • Simultaneous interpretation systems
  • Solutions of audiovisual complexes for educational audiences
  • Video walls
  • Solutions for situational and control centers

Infrastructure solutions

  • Cabinet solutions for the telecommunication equipment
  • Infrastructure solutions for Data Center Operations, server rooms
  • Autonomous sources of power supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems

Special equipment from ROHDE & SCHWARZ company

  • Control and measuring equipment
  • Radio Monitoring and Direction Finding
  • Radio communication systems
  • Information security and safety of communication
  • Special technique