We offer following services for the telecommunication market:

  • Designing;
  • Broadband networks construction;
  • WIMAX networks construction;
  • Engineering support for sites;
  • Construction of antenna ports and IPTV Head-End stations;
  • Alternative equipment repair.


The Designing is carried out taking into account the requirements of the norms and rules of the Ukraine country, with using special computer programs, corresponding the calculations and selection of the equipment produced by leading manufacturers.

We carry out following kinds of designing:

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  • The Cable TV systems designing, including the antennas deployment, head-end stations, house distribution networks, data centers, fiber-optic communication lines and power supply equipment;
  • The Local computer networks (LAN) and the Ethernet networks of large city areas (WAN);
  • Designing of the land segment of satellite system for the TV signals or other data transmission;
  • The Fiber-optic, wireless and wired communication networks;
  • Hybrid cable (HFC) networks;
  • Designing of the Mobile communication (CDMA, GSM 900/1800) base transceiver stations (BTS) constructions;
  • Designing of the Video surveillance systems;
  • Designing of the Telecommunications networks (telephones, dispatching, radio, TV);
  • Designing of the Access Control Systems;
  • Designing of the Alarm systems, automatic settings and alert systems;
  • Structured cabling systems (SCS);
  • Designing of the Multimedia systems, power systems, lighting, local power plants;
  • Arrangement of equipment designing (conduit, cable tray, etc.);
  • Carrying out of technical equipment inspection (technical condition of wire-line and wireless telecom networks, engineering networks, constructions, etc. expert’s checking and estimation).

Broadband networks construction

Our company has a great practical experience for the broadband access networks construction. We are able to design, build and serve the global, multiservice, and fiber-optic cable networks. Our experts are ready to develop the concept of your future broadband network, help you to choose the correct technology, prepare the equipment design, do a complex of works on equipment expansion, testing, commissioning and the subsequent services for your network.

Our company is ready to represent itself as general (or the second level) subcontractor of broadband networks building with any level of complexity. We have all necessary resources for this purpose: the qualified personnel, necessary tools, measuring equipment, vehicles, knowledge and experience.


WIMAX networks construction

Our company has qualification in designing and expansion of WIMAX networks. We are ready to work on designing for sites of your future network. Our company can represent itself as general (or the second level) subcontractor on building of WIMAX-networks of any level of complexity. We have all necessary resources for this purpose: the qualified personnel, necessary tools, measuring equipment, vehicles, knowledge and experience.


Engineering support for sites

We can equip your sites with all necessary life-support systems: a power supplies, access control systems, fire detect systems, etc.

The Quality and reliability of our equipment are key factors for choosing of the technical solution and the Supplier Company. We offer to our customers the solutions based on the reliable and stable equipment, produced by the companies-leaders.

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We choose the equipment of those companies: «Emerson Network Power», «APC», «Eaton Power».

In order to provide the comprehensive security of your objects we offer the solution corresponding to your individual requirements. According to your wishes, it can include all or some of the following subsystems:

  • The Security Alarm Systems;
  • The Access Control System;
  • The Internal / external CCTV system;
  • The Fire alarm and fire fighting systems.

For the access control systems and security system we offer:

  • The solutions based on high-quality equipment, manufactured by APOLLO (USA) that originally designed for military sector. The equipment meets the highest standards of military acceptance and complies with Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Community European and Rostest requirements;
  • Reliable technical support;
  • The domestic software («Lyrix»);
  • A reasonable prices for our solutions.

Construction of antenna ports and IPTV Head-End stations

Despite of rapid development of the Internet, for a lot of people the television still remains one of the basic sources of the information, entertainment and a rest. It is necessary to notice that the television is a source of the basic or additional income for such companies as the state and private TV channels, the cable operators, the Internet Service Providers (IPTV), the hotels, the sports clubs, the restaurants, etc.

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Our company is offering you designing, delivery and installation the services for:

  • The Antenna systems of a land stations satellite communication systems (antenna ports), ASC Signal (Andrew), Prodelin, Patriot, DH, MABO, Supral, SMW, Norsat, California Amplifier;
  • The IPTV Head End stations (WISI, A2B, Harmonic, Tandberg, Cisco), the analog TV stations (WISI, IKUSI, A2B);
  • The TV distribution networks for the office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, multi-room complexes, etc.;
  • The Individual systems of satellite and radio TV.

Alternative equipment repair

The Ukrainian telecom operators during maintaining their networks may face with situations when manufacturers of the equipment is refusing to support (repair or deliver) the out-of-date equipment or doing such repair very slowly or at the inadequately expensive price.

We are ready to repair your equipment which well worked during long term of exploitation, but declared as out-of-date or out of technical support by the manufacturers.

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Our company offers to telecom operators the alternative repair service for out-of-date (out of technical support) equipment. Under your order we can organize a delivery of used, tested equipment in operation condition from various manufacturers (Alcatel-Lucent, Emerson, Ericsson, HP, Huawei, Juniper, Nokia Siemens Networks, RFS, ZTE etc). Equipment guarantee term will be given. Also, this equipment can be ordered for replenishment of your warehouses, spare parts stocks or, for example, when you planning to do the expansion of the system by your own experts (without vendor specialists involving).