Building an IT infrastructure and organizing Wi-Fi networks for Bartnick

RCI Consulting has completed a project to create IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi netwoRCIng for Bartnick. The following works were carried out within the framework of the project:
– analysis of the existing structured cable network (SCS),
– organization of workplaces (laying of links, installation of sockets, cable channels);
– installation and configuration of active network equipment (based on the EdgeCore solution);
– Deployment of Firewall (based on Cisco ASA Firepower);
– security elements introduced at the channel and network levels;
– software installation in the workplace,
– Deployed Enterprise Domain Management Services
– Virtualization server installed (based on VMware 6.0).
Wireless Wi-Fi is based on the Xclaim solution using dual-band Wi-Fi hotspots.
The built-in IT infrastructure has ensured high-speed data transfer within the network, monitoring and flexible traffic management of various applications in accordance with established policies and rules, safe and comfortable work on the network.
Ukrainian-Polish LLC “Bartnik” is one of the leaders in the production and export of honey in Ukraine and the world. The company produces 36 types of honey and honey mixtures.