Building TV systems for a group of channels 1+1

1) Satellite satellite reception antenna
2) HeadEnd Station IPTV
3) Internal Distribution Network of Terrestrial and Satellite TV
4) Video system of the IPTV distribution network of the office center (more than 100 connections)
The project uses the following equipment: Skyware Global (USA), Prodelin (USA), APEXSAT 3-position coordinate systems (Germany), ETL (Ni-GM series matrix L-band switch), SMW low-noise converters (Sweden), Ankaro switches (Germany), HeadEnd Station IPTV Wisi Hämeleon (Germany).
The group of channels 1 + 1 includes TV channels: 1+1, TET, 2+2 and Plusplus. The group is a member of Media holding Igor Kolomoisky together with the sites, Glavred telekritika and informational agency UNIAN.