Chamber Alarm System (MediCall Call System)

The system of the chamber alarm system (nurse call system, nuRCIng staff) ZPT MediCall is designed for a fast remote call of medical staff in outpatient clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities.
A standard call is a patient or service, ie:

  • Emergency call for nuRCIng staff to the ward (calls the patient using a remote or telephone),
  • Emergency doctor call to the ward (called by nuRCIng staff).

All call data is displayed on the central control panel and duplicated by the optical alarm system on the corridor lamp.
When a call comes in, the nuRCIng staff can talk to the patient and explain the cause of the call, which enables them to come to the patient more well-prepared, or to resolve the issues without leaving a post. If, for example, the nurse is out of service, then the call is duplicated on the portable telephone.
To facilitate the orientation of the destination orientated lamps are electric locks and information board. An integral part of the functionality of the system is the management of electric door locks.
All calls are archived in the general information system, which allows you to correctly assess the actions of staff in ambiguous situations.
The MediCall Chamber Signal Systems from the ZPT manufacturer (Czech Republic) are among the most popular and sought after call systems for medical staff in the European Union.
For over 20 years, ZPT has been providing professional solutions for recruiting staff for public, medical and healthcare facilities. To date, there are five lines of tent alarm systems:

  • MDC V03 IP Communication System
  • MDC V02 Communication System
  • MDC SV05 Alarm System
  • MDC C03 Alarm System
  • MDC AV03 Call Center

MediCall equipment meets the most stringent European requirements, and at the same time, ZPT has a very flexible pricing policy that makes its solution accessible to Ukrainian medical institutions as well.

MDC V03 IP – Nurse Patient Communication System

The main features of the MDC V03 IP system are simple maintenance, security, low operating costs, modern design, high operational reliability and long service life.
The architecture of the system allows to satisfy any requirements and specific wishes of clients.
MDC V03 IP system consists of a set of independent functional blocks and elements. System management provides a VOIP system server. When operating, the MDC V03 IP system is regularly diagnosed. A number of malfunctions the system is able to independently classify and find a defective element. Separate elements of the system are connected using a structured cabling system.

Functional and Benefits

  • 12″ Touch Screen Panel with graphic color display
  • VoIP Communication
  • Connect to a computer local area network (LAN)
  • Remote management via the Internet
  • Online Diagnostics
  • Linux operating system

The USB interface allows, for example:

  • data transfer
    – play MP3 files
    – the ability to automatically play central messages in accordance with the scheduled messages set
    – connecting the printer
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  • the ability to use wireless elements for staff and patients
  • Connecting Multiple Systems to Collaborate Mode
  • loudspeaker voice communication with medical staff
  • official voice communication between any chambers
  • Receiving messages from the central control panel in the elected chamber or in all premises (central messages)
  • call alert tone at places of presence
  • display call signals and the presence of personnel through information board in chambers or other areas
  • display patient data and move the nuRCIng staff to the central control panel display
  • listening to entertainment programs by patients from an internal and external source
  • playback of acoustic information for patients previously recorded in the central control panel memory
  • Using Emergency Call Buttons and Toggles, Button Calling Console
  • cancel an emergency call only at the place of call
  • storing the archive of all calls with the ability to view the central control panel display and the ability to transfer data to a USB storage device
  • night mode
  • switching phone call from PBX to patient bed
  • system configuration from the central control panel keyboard
  • Data backup and protection when sudden power failure
  • View patient data on peripheral system elements: SJD-IP, KJD-IP and SIJD IP
  • Ability to connect Analogue and VoIP lines
  • the ability to join multiple systems in a collaborative mode while preserving all the functions of individual system elements
  • As part of the collaborative work, the ability to address any element of the unified system
  • control of electrical door locks with TP, KJ IP, KJRD IP and SJ IP
  • simple, intuitive service