Cisco Meraki Access Points

Turn on instantly.

Cisco Meraki is a line of leading solutions on the market for the organization of secure and highly loaded Wi-Fi networks.

Built with the help of Cisco Meraki wireless networks are reliable, scalable and work reliably.

Hidden Power

Cisco Meraki access points are assembled from the highest quality components
and work absolutely unnoticed.
Meraki is an instant connection of users, a large radius of the network, support for a large number of customers and a minimum of calls to technical support.


Readiness for Loads

Meraki access points support the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards and contain high-power antennas that increase the sensitivity of signal reception without loss of coverage radius. The advantages of Cisco Meraki over other solutions on the market:

  • A powerful processor for testing and filtering network packets
  • Quick remote device configuration using high-speed memory
  • Advanced use of the radio frequency band for better performance
  • MIMO method support for simultaneous signal transmission over multiple antennas

In addition to high-power 2.4 and 5 GHz antennas, Meraki access points are equipped with a separate radio module for security.

This radio module:

  • constantly scans and protects the network from security threats
  • Analyzes frequencies and detects surrounding obstacles for a signal
  • automatically adjusts the frequencies used to maximize performance

Expanding networks is easy:


Configure the wireless network on the panel.
right-arrow (1)


Connect and activate access points.
right-arrow (1)


Settings will be pulled from the cloud automatically.
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Auto-select frequencies will provide maximum power.

Meraki access points provide advanced statistics on the use of the network, allowing you to more flexibly manage the settings of equipment.

The Cisco Meraki panel displays information about users of the network, their devices and applications. With such rich analytics on hand, administrators can quickly configure access control and application usage policies, increasing not only user satisfaction, but also network security.

Introducing CMX, a new platform for attracting users!

CMX displays real statistics about the use of the network to help improve the satisfaction of users on the ground. The platform is built into the Meraki access points and does not require additional costs or effort to configure. The collected data is synchronized with the Cisco Meraki cloud and allows you to see trends in user flows, network time and customer loyalty as a ratio of new users to persistent users.

Updating access points through the Internet is constantly expanding their functionality and increasing the value of your investments

Full relevance and compatibility with new types of devices and application profiles.
New tools for visual display of data, analytics and diagnostics in the control panel.

Multifunctional, but intuitive network management through the cloud service allows you to abandon the high cost and complexity of managing wireless devices in the field.

This is the only solution on the market that allows you to manage your built networks and wired and wireless devices connected to them on the same screen.

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