Construction of Wi-Fi network for HoReCa in Georgia and Romsat office

RCI Consulting has successfully completed several HoReCa Wi-Fi networks and office projects:
4 * Monte Carlo Hotel (Batumi, Georgia)
– Restaurant “Old Blvd” (Batumi, Georgia)
– Romsat office (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Specialists from RCI Consulting developed the concept of building Wi-Fi networks, based on the results of the survey of objects and radio planing, as well as all the work connected directly with the introduction of wireless networks, including the supply of equipment.
The Cisco Mobility Express Aironet, which took into account a number of features of the objects – a large number of simultaneous connections to the wireless network, the presence of lifts, thick concrete walls and ceilings, as well as the influence, was chosen as the basis for all objects. Access points from adjacent buildings, which created additional obstacles for the signal, and complicated the implementation of “seamless roaming” between the points where the user, moving around the object’s area, should not feel interrupted signal (which is important for example pr talking on Skype, Viber etc.).
The projects have implemented all the benefits of the latest technology offered by Cisco:

  • When there is a user in the two-point visibility zone, switching to that Wi-Fi point that is loaded at the moment (Load Balancing),
  • Recommends that users with 5GHz devices switch to this band (Client Bandselect),
  • automatic channel change, if necessary, if one of the channels is less loaded then the points go to it (Auto Dynamic Channel Assignment),
  • automatically increasing the power of the point for compensation low signal strength when identifying a weak radio module in the client (Auto Coverage Hole Detection),
  • Noise definition (NOT WiFi) in the range of the point and, if necessary, the change of the channel (Clean Air), and, of course, such basic things as:
  • simultaneous work of dots in two bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz,
  • Multiple SSIDs

The built-in Wi-Fi networks made it possible for the Monte Carlo Hotel and the Old Boulevard restaurant to provide high-quality Internet access to its customers, thereby increasing their loyalty, while for the Romsat company, a new Wi-Fi network has made the office staff more efficient. In future, on the basis of built-in wireless networks, integration with existing systems (for example, with the security system) and the introduction of additional services that allow automating processes and expanding sales channels can be integrated.