Digital Signage at MRS Prospect in Kyiv

RCI Consulting completed the introduction of the first stage of the Digital Signage system in the new shopping center “Prospect”, which opened recently in Kyiv at the intersection of the streets of Krasnogvardeyskaya and Chervonotkatska. The developer of the shopping and entertainment center was the company Arricano Group, with which RCI Consulting has long established partnerships.
Digital Signage solution implemented on the basis of IP-technology using a central server and local media player with content output on LCD monitors located on the territory of the shopping center.
Digital Signage systems provide the broadcast of dynamically updated media (video and audio) with displays that are integrated into a single centralized system that allows you to quickly change information on each of the display devices.
Digital Signage is used for:
• information about various promotions,
• Targeted advertising on goods and services located at shopping malls (boutiques),
• image advertising
• broadcasts of general information.