Digital Signage, system of background and advertising sounding for the network of gas stations of the KLO

RCI Consulting Company continues its cooperation with the network of filling stations of the KLO in the framework of the project on introduction of Digital Signage (video advertising) terminals in mini-markets, as well as systems of background and advertising sounding.
Due to the planned intensive operation of systems, the selection of equipment was carried out by specialists of RCI Consulting taking into account the increased level of fault-tolerance.
Audio and video content for systems is downloaded centrally remotely and broadcast using a network media player.
The audio system includes: media player, speaker system, power amplifier and cable network. The video system consists of a media player, a widescreen monitor, an amplifier-distributor, a video signal converter and a cable network.
At present, RCI Conulting has delivered equipment and installed systems at more than 20 gas stations of the KLO network in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, including in Boryspil, Brovary, Vyshneve, Vasilkov, Irpen and others and on the highways.
RCI Consulting also provides full warranty and post-warranty service of the installed systems.
The addressing program of the KLO Filling Station, which implements the project for the implementation of sounding systems and Digital Signage, aims to increase the loyalty of its customers, creating comfortable conditions for staying at the gas station of drivers and passengers, as well as raising their level of awareness of services and promotions.