Integrated solutions for ACNielsen Ukraine

RCI Consulting has completed a number of complex projects for ACNielsen Ukraine, among which: design and construction of the receiving TV complex, installation of access control system, infrastructure construction for the server room, video surveillance systems, SCS and organization of workplaces for office employees.
As previously announced in the Ukrainian media, ACNielsen Ukraine will be exploring the TV audience of Ukraine in 2014 under an agreement with the Industrial Television Committee (TIC). The ACNielsen Ukraine TV panel will be based on a nationwide sample of nearly 4,000 households, which is half that of GfK’s current sample.
In connection with the upcoming project at ACNielsen Ukraine, there was a need to build a receiving TV set
Brief Help:
The Industrial Television Committee (TIC) is a professional association of leading TV channels, media agencies representing the interests of the television industry in Ukraine. The ITC includes 4 television groups (Media Group Inter Media Group, 1 + 1 Channel, media group Media Group Ukraine, StarLightMedia), major media groups (Media Direction Ukraine, ADV Group, GroupM) and others
ACNielsen Ukraine is a Ukrainian division of the global research corporation the Nielsen Company, founded in 1923 and operating in more than 120 countries of the world. ACNielsen Ukraine specializes in comprehensive marketing research, retail sales audits, and advertising monitoring.