IP Surveillance under the project Safe City in Vyshneve

RCI Consulting Company completed a project on implementation of the IP-surveillance system in the framework of the implementation of the “Safe City” program in the city of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. The purpose of this project is to increase the level of personal security of the city’s residents, as well as to ensure the stability of the operation of the city infrastructure facilities in general. In the framework of the project, a single system of IP-video surveillance on the city transport network was developed: at the outings and entrances to the city, traffic junctions (intersections), as well as on railway crossings.
Video surveillance system operates around the clock. At night, thanks to the powerful IR illumination, the image quality remains high enough. In general, the system is characterized by a high degree of reliability and fault tolerance, as well as flexibility of settings and scalability.
All information from the cameras is broadcast to the operator station located in the city police station, as well as archived on the server. If necessary, for example, when analyzing the causes of an accident or investigating the actions of intruders, records from cameras can be viewed.
In addition, in the near future, the broadcast of the image from video cameras in real time on the official website of the city council of Vyshneve will be organized in the free access.
According to the “Safe City” project, the city will install 42 IP-cameras of video surveillance. At the moment about half of the planned quantity is installed. The project is currently underway. All work on the design documentation, equipment supply, installation and commissioning of the system was carried out by specialists of RCI Consulting.