IP video surveillance and Wi-Fi for the Kyiv cycling track and O. Gonchar park

RCI Consulting company completed the project on installation of the IP-video surveillance system and the organization of a wireless Wi-Fi network in the territory of the Kyiv cycling track and the park named after them. Potter At the moment, three Hikvision street video cameras have been installed, which cover the bicycle track and most of the park. Live video streaming from the cameras can be viewed online.
Internet Explorer is recommended for connecting:
Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3 
login: video
pass: velotrack123
Outdoor Wi-Fi network is based on CISCO equipment.
Works on the reconstruction of the cycling track and the park them. O. Gonchar is still going on, it is planned to combine these two municipal objects into a single public space, where everybody can already use free Wi-Fi access to the Internet right now.