Modernization of the hotel television system for Hyatt Regency Kyiv 5*

RCI Consulting Company completed a project for the complex modernization of the hotel television system of Hyatt Regency Kyiv 5 * (IPTV broadcasting organization in the system of interactive hotel television).
The hotel has a Quadriga interactive hotel television system, but the quality of the analogue HeadEnd Station broadcast does not adequately meet modern requirements for the quality and flexibility of the management. The equipment occupied a considerable area, consumed a significant amount of electricity, was technologically outdated, and therefore the need to replace the analogue HeadEnd Station of television with the digital IPTV station was obvious.
RCI Consulting was also tasked with the development and implementation of the concept of a TV system, which allows remotely to quickly change the list and number of broadcast TV channels (without installing additional devices in the hotel). A similar task is relevant for all hotels that host foreign guests. As a rule, guests prefer to watch their national TV channels.
Hotel Hyatt Regency Kyiv provided a list of more than 50 titles of preferred basic TV channels. In order to minimize the cost of organizing the reception of TV channels RCI Consulting specialists decided to organize reception from several sources – DVB-T2, from the satellite and in the telecom provider.
As a technical solution to the digital IPTV station, WISI Tangram’s versatile, modular IP platform, which allows receiving signals in any of the DVB-S / S2 / C / T / T2 standards and converting them into SPTS / MPTS streams for IPTV- broadcast systems. Implementation of this decision also allowed to reduce the energy consumption of the station’s part of the television system at the expense of a large reduction in the number of television equipment, as well as a significant reduction of its allocated heat positively affects the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system of the HeadEnd Station.
IPTV stations from the station are broadcast to the core of Quadriga using a Cisco switch that also performs the Querier functionality. More than 10 coded channels of the provider, received from different frequencies, decode on the board decoding using only two cards and multiservice modules CONAX.
As part of the implementation of this project, an update of the receiving and distribution part of the antenna complex was also performed to ensure universal reception / transmission of satellite and terrestrial signals.
All preparatory work, as well as the installation and adjustment of the system, were carried out by RCI Consulting specialists at night, which minimized the inconvenience for hotel guests through the transition to a new standard of broadcasting.
Hotel Hyatt Regency Kyiv is a five star hotel in the historic center of Kyiv (Ukraine). Incorporated by Hyatt Hotels Corporation (USA), which manages the premium-class hotel chain around the world. The hotel has 234 rooms (including 25 suites). There is also a spa, a swimming pool, saunas, several bars, restaurants, conference rooms, etc.