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Services rendered: Integration

Project description

Information Video System of the Center for Primary Health Care # 1 of Dniprovskyi District, Kyiv, str. Peter Zaporozhets

Provided services:
The project for the delivery and installation of the video information system for the lobby and corridors has been completed
district polyclinic CPMSD №1 Dniprovsky district, str. Peter Zaporozhets in Kyiv.

Project goal:

The management of CPMSD # 1 was tasked with developing and developing our company
implement a distributed video information system for public clinics (
central lobby, therapeutic units, children’s ward, etc.) to provide a variety of
information to visitors based on the target audience in a particular department.


The video information system was designed and implemented in the first phase, consisting of:
– 43 inch high resolution monitors with wall mounts – 4 pcs.
– Video server with specialized software;
– Network switch;
– Cable system.
The video information system is an easily scalable system that can be implemented in
up to several dozen video monitors in the future.
Equipment and software were used to build the video information system
a well-known brand in the field of digital signage LG, Korea.


Video information system allows you to download and distribute different content across different
monitors. This content may be prepared by an authorized medical staff member on its own
a bootable computer, also included in the video network, is downloaded into the software
providing the video information system and broadcasting as scheduled or changing at any time
order. It is also possible to alternate the schedules of reception, calls, information about
doctors or entertaining videos.