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Services rendered: Integration

Project description

Information Videoboard of the Center for Primary Health Care
assistance # 2 of the Dniprovskyi district, Kyiv

Provided services:

The project for the delivery and installation of video information boards for the lobbies of the outpatient clinics has been completed
district polyclinic CPMSD №1 Dniprovsky district, at the address of ul. Paul Tychyny and Prospect
Peace in Kyiv.

Project goal:

The management of CPMSD # 2 was tasked with the development and development of our company
implement a video information board for the central lobby of the clinic to provide a variety of
information to visitors.


The video information system was designed and implemented in two dispensaries.
In the clinic on the street. A simplified system consisting of one big one has been established for peace
55-inch high-resolution monitor on wall mount and video server
with specialized software for downloading and broadcasting information
videos for visitors to the clinic.
The central hall of the clinic on the street. Pavel Tychyna got a new one during the reconstruction
reception desk and equipped with a large matrix information video board, consisting of five
55-inch high resolution monitors and one monitor with the same
diagonal, but with an interactive feature. Thus, the format of the video board 3×2, ie two horizontal
rows of three monitors in each row. In the middle of the bottom row is an interactive monitor for
comfortable floor height that provides comfortable control of this monitor to visitors
have different height.

The main components of the video information system:
– 55 inch high resolution wall mounted monitors – 5
– 55-inch touch screen with touch screen.
– A set of wall mounts for monitors that form a video board.
– Video server with specialized software;
– Management server with specialized software;
– Control monitor with KVM switch for organizing the workplace of the operator;
– Network switch;
– Cable system.

Turning information monitors on and off is automatic
mode according to the schedule of administration of the clinic.
Equipment and software were used to build the video information board
a well-known brand in the field of digital signage LG, Korea.


Video information system allows you to download and distribute video screens across screens
a variety of video content, both static and dynamic content. This content can be prepared
an authorized medical staff member of the operator’s workplace located at
reconstructed reception area (reception) of the central lobby of the clinic.
The operator of video information board provides selection, preparation and downloading into the software
providing video information boards for various videos and graphics and identifies
distribute content across monitors and schedule broadcasts. Broadcast video content
can be scheduled or changed at random. An opportunity is also provided
alternating admission schedules, calls, doctor information, or entertaining videos.
The touch screen organizes the possibility of informing visitors on specific
the queries they form by clicking their finger on the image of a question from a set of that
provided on the monitor screen.
The video dashboard system is undergoing a test and ongoing phase
is replenished with information materials.