Project details

Services rendered: Design Integration

Project description

Project goal: To solve the problem with the quality of TV in the internal network, to modernize the HS according to modern broadcasting standards. Additionally, implement an IPTV system with a single administration center.

Solution: Since the customer already had a previous-generation WISI station installed, a WISI Tangram-based solution was proposed. To implement the IPTV task, the software for managing IPTV / OTT / VOD projects – Ministra TV platform was chosen.

The universal high-density video platform Tangram is a full-featured professional head station with a modular design, which is made in a 1U 19 ”case. The wide range of modules and technical solutions used allow you to receive a signal in DVB-S / S2 / S2X / T / T2 / C / IPTV formats and generate a signal for well-known popular broadcasting standards.

Flexible software and remote control of the station allows you to quickly make changes to the configuration of the equipment and maintain the performance of the station at the highest level. Tangram will not only save you money on maintenance, but will also allow you to improve the broadcasting specifications of your favorite TV channels with minimal costs.

One of the advantages of implementing this solution is also savings in equipment maintenance costs – the new system allows you to change the packets of channels / frequencies of reception and broadcasting to the network remotely; the system is designed in such a way that re-switching and physical presence of specialists is not required.

And with the Ministra TV interactive TV system, the owner can manage content (edit the list of TV channels, combine them into thematic and tariff packages, connect EP and Timeshift function), create convenient tariff plans, customize the appearance of the subscriber interface.

Results: The installed system solved DVB-C TV quality problems and allowed the customer to start broadcasting in IPTV format and implemented an interactive TV system based on Infomir’s “Ministra TV platform” solution.