Project details

Services rendered: Design Integration Radio planning

Project description

Project goal: Build a high-quality, fast Wi-Fi network

Solution: Having received network requirements from the customer, radio planning was carried out in the first place, which provided optimal information on the location of access points. Since the office was undergoing renovation, the cables were easily put into the right places. After analyzing the requirements, we have proposed the optimal solution based on Cisco Mobility Express.

Mobility Express is a point-to-point wireless controller functionality that lets you analyze and manage up to 25 Cisco access points. This functionality fundamentally changes the capabilities, performance, and reliability of small Wi-Fi networks without managing a dedicated controller (access points in standalone mode). Mobility Express is Cisco’s latest step in implementing wireless controller functionality across all network elements.

Results: The built solution is 100% compliant with the requirements of the customer for security and speed of network access.