Project details

Services rendered: Integration

Project description

The project on the receiving satellite 3,7 m antenna installation with 3-axis position control system, manufactured by APEXSAT company (Germany).
This antenna enabled company to solve promptly the issues of TV translation receiving almost from any visible satellite in the Ukraine’s territory.
The project on teleport construction for TRC Ukraina.
RCI Consulting company has carried out project development, equipment supply, its mounting and system installation. In the course of the project 8 antennas with diameter 1.8 m were installed (6 antennas Skyware Global (USA) and 1 rotating antenna with polar suspension).
Teleport was installed on the roof of the office building on the specially designed supporting structure and also was additionally equipped with lightning protection system and antenna condition monitoring system (regarding signal).
The need for the new teleport was caused by the TV signal forming for IPTV-providers.