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Project description

Project on the implementation of IP video surveillance system in the framework of the program “Safe City” in Vyshneve city (Kyiv region).
The main goal of of this project is increasing of the personal safety of citizens, as well as ensuring the stable work of the urban infrastructure in general. According to the project a unified IP video surveillance system has been deployed in the city transport network: at the exits and entrances to the city, crossroads as well as at a railway crossing.
The video surveillance system works 24 hours. IR light makes quality of image high even at night time. The whole system has high level of reliability and fault tolerance, as well as the flexible settings and the ability to scale.
All information is transmitted from the cameras to operator that located in the city police department, and also archived on the server. It makes possible to view and analyze, for example, records of accidents.
It will be organized broadcasting of video from cameras in real time on the official website of the Vyshneve city council.
According to the project “Safe City” 42 IP CCTV cameras will be installed in the city. At the moment half the intended amount is installed. Implementation of the project is in the process. All works on the designing of project documentation, equipment delivery, installation and setting of the system were carried out by specialists of RCI Consulting company.