Project details

Services rendered: Integration

Project description

Project on installation of background and advertising sound systems for WOG fuel filling stations network.
Particularity of systems is two sound areas: external (place where located fuel dispensers and summer platform of Ristorio restaurant) and internal (mini-market and Ristorio restaurant).
The structure of sound systems includes:
– two-way loudspeakers TOA (Japan) (in trading hall and the hall of the restaurant Ristorio);
– sound music projector BOSCH (Germany) (for outdoor area of fuel filling stations, including the outdoor area of ​​the Ristorio restaurant);
– ceiling-mount speaker TOA (Japan) (for inner corridors and WCs);
– mixer amplifier TOA (Japan).
Equipment for sound systems was chosen to ensure reliable operation during 24/7/365.
RCI Consulting company performed the delivery of equipment and installation of systems at three WOG network of fuel filling stations in Kyiv (Ukraine).