Promotional sounding and background sounding in the stores of the Furshet network

Background voice and advertising sounding – one of the priority areas of RCI Consulting. As part of the collaboration with radio studio “Chocolate” by RCI Consulting, several projects were implemented to equip the audio systems of the stores “Furshet” – a system of background sounding and a system of advertising sound.
The works were carried out in:
1) Evpatoria (Ukraine), where the BERG enhancement equipment, the BERG microphone, and Apart (Belgium) speakers were used.
2) Kyiv (Ukraine) Soprovtnaya square, where an audio system for broadcasting background music and advertisements was installed. The system has 6 zones with independent sound level control. BOSCH (Germany), BERG enhancement equipment and microphone for BERG announcements were used in the trading floor. The BERG amplifier is mounted in a wall cabinet with a built-in fan panel, which ensures reliable and long-lasting operation of the equipment without the need for maintenance.