Service of the system of sounding of the shopping center “Darinok”

RCI Consulting Company continues its cooperation with the “Darinok” shopping center (Kyiv) and provides services for the maintenance of the system of background and advertising voice, which was built by the company in 2013.
During the last two months, work was underway to improve the multi-zone voice-reporting system, namely, the management of local sub-zones in four locations was organized to ensure that these sub-zones were effectively disconnected from the centralized voice system. The need for this modernization of the system arose in connection with the regular holding of various events in the halls of the shopping center. As a result, this allowed to significantly increase the level of comfort of the visitors of the shopping center “Darinok”.
All work was carried out by the forces of the service department of RCI Consulting without the long termination of the operation of the system of sounding through the use of substitute equipment.