Signal reception system in the C-band for BBC

A project to build a satellite reception system for the BBC has been completed (BBC). The peculiarity of the project implementation was that the broadcasting of the signals was carried out in the C-band, and that the installation of the system was carried out on an already existing antenna field. In connection with this, there was a need for modernization of the antenna port and reinforcement of metal structures, taking into account the difficult meteorological conditions. An antenna was chosen as the receiving antenna by Skyware Global (USA) with a diameter of 2.4 m.
Within the framework of the project, RCI Consulting specialists performed the following works: design calculations, project documentation development, equipment delivery, installation work to enhance the antenna port construction, as well as installation and commissioning of the TV system.
The BBC is a British media corporation that carries out radio, television, and Internet broadcasting in 28 languages.