System of video surveillance at school

Completed project on the introduction of video surveillance system in one of the specialized schools in the city of Kyiv. The built-in video surveillance system will allow you to control the places of the general use of the school (corridors, hallways), as well as entrances to the building. The supply of equipment and all installation work were carried out by specialists of RCI Consulting company.
Video data from all cameras is displayed on the monitor of the security post. The video surveillance system also includes the ability to record and view video archives and allows for a gradual increase in the number of video cameras, without compromising the functioning of the already built system.
To date, the security television system (video surveillance) is actually mandatory in educational institutions, since it solves most of the security issues and, if necessary, greatly facilitates the investigation of various incidents and events. This is anti-terrorist security, and the prevention of theft, as well as the personal safety of students and faculty.