Cisco CMX – Connected Mobile Experiences Solution

Use location-based analytics to make informed business decisions

Companies increasingly have to look for new ways to ensure competitiveness and attract customers. By 2018, there will be more than 10 billion connected mobile devices in the world, so it’s time to think creatively. Imagine that you could use your existing network infrastructure to get business intelligence and quickly optimize your operations. Thanks to Cisco, you can.

Solution Benefits

With the CMX solution you can:
• Analyze business performance and optimize marketing activities through quantitative analysis of activity at your facility, for example, determining the patency of a particular store
• Increase the yield per square meter by optimizing the location using the detailed passability of the outlet, the conversion rate of visitors into buyers, as well as other information, up to specific zones, as well as a quantitative assessment of changes
• Increase customer satisfaction by providing sufficient staff during peak periods
• Increase profitability by using location data for optimal mobile marketing campaigns.

The Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) uses a high-density wireless network with the Cisco® Mobility Services Engine, which allows organizations to collect aggregated data about the location of Wi-Fi users. CMX Analytics is a data visualization module that helps organizations use the network as a data source for business analysis, highlight behavioral patterns and trends that, in turn, can help businesses make informed decisions about how to improve customer service and improve their quality. service.

Behavior Analysis on Site

Analyzing customer behavior scenarios in your premises is extremely important for business planning. However, organizations usually cannot visually track the pattern of movement of customers inside the premises. Imagine that you could use aggregate analytics collected from Wi-Fi signals of end users to improve business performance and obtain marketing analysis by carefully processing data about the movements of end users inside buildings. You can use the Wi-Fi network to understand how people move in your room, how much time they spend in different places, and also to compare the behavior of customers who visit your object for the first time or repeatedly.

Using geolocation via Wi-Fi to understand customer behavior

CMX Analytics uses Wi-Fi signals from mobile device users to detect presence, determine location, and client movement. The Cisco Mobility Services Engine with a CMX license detects Wi-Fi signals based on signal strength received from multiple access points. Data is collected for each device several times while it is on site; then this information is aggregated and processed, and as a result, you see analytic data on presence and location in the information panel of the browser application. This solution analyzes complex location data and provides full information for the owner of the object, including detailed reports on the end-user behavior, dynamic visualized analytics, as well as the ability to sort data into specific time frames or individual zones.

How it works?


Wireless clients thanks to smartphones in their pockets with Wi-Fi turned on, their positioning in the territory taking into account the number of floors, analysis of the nature of their movements by the platform: where they walk, how quickly, where they linger and spend time, where a group of users gathers. All this analytics can be obtained taking into account the area of the room and intervals. Such data allows the site owner to adapt their business processes to customer behavior.


The ability to deliver the necessary information to the connected guest smartphone and get feedback. This information should directly or indirectly generate positive cash flow for site owners: increase guest satisfaction or loyalty, inform about the availability of additional services (navigation around the site, cinema schedule, children’s room, goods delivered to the buyer’s home, urgent consumer credit, discounts on goods, etc.). Indirectly generate cash flow will increase the loyalty of customers who like to use the navigation in the shopping center, book online movie tickets, receive information about the services of the site. Direct cash flow is a direct response to hot deals and coupons, that is, additional sales. A significant proportion of the costs are spontaneous purchases that are not planned in advance. The Cisco CMX solution will help make the most relevant offers to guests of the shopping area and thereby increase the number of spontaneous purchases.


Connecting guests through a page with information adapted to the location of the guest. It means, for example, that a client who is in the restaurant area, when connected to a Wi-Fi network, will receive an offer to drink a cup of coffee for free, try a new dish from the seasonal menu or hold the child in the game room. In the area of ​​women’s clothing on the smartphone will be an invitation to the sale of clothing fashion brands, information about discounts on accessories and household items. Another option is to use accounts on social networks to enter the network. In this version, the institution’s marketer can get additional information about the guest: gender, age, place of residence, as well as use social networks to advertise his business among guest’s friends, if he does Check In. Such data will be useful to send visitors even more customized offers.

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