Hoteza TV

A flexible solution approach that lets you focus on what
matters most to you and your guests

Hoteza offers a modular range of hospitality-specific TV solutions, based on many years of  elevant experience in hospitality industry and serving millions of customers all over the world

Flexible solution design makes best use of the hotel’s existing network infrastructure

Modular enhancement packages to focus on what matters

Progressive hotel branding options

Bouqet of guest entertainment options from classical (VoD) to contemporary (screen sharing)

Integration with the leading Room Management Systems provides a seamless control of room systems via in-room TV screen and guest mobile device

Single CMS platform for both IPTV and guestfacing mobile apps thus reducing the work of hotel staff

Cloud-based CMS allows consistent information content upgrades across your entire hotel

Multiple language support helps remove language barriers and enhance communication with the hotel for all nationalities

Features Hoteza TV

  • A large number of interactive features
    Taxi order, room service, alarm clock, shopping, room orders, weather forecast and airport airport scoreboard.
  • Full PMS integration
    Track hotel check-in, manage hotel stay, bill and track room status.
  • No need for additional hardware
    Thanks to the capabilities of the SmartTV platform, you can expand the functionality of the system without having to purchase additional equipment.
  • Guest Satisfaction
    The TV system, compatible with all modern devices, will organically fit into the life of your guests and leave only positive impressions of its use.
  • Customized settings
    The flexibility of the application allows the use of individual settings.
  • Monitor system numbers on a TV screen
    Now your guests will be able to control the lighting, the air temperature and even push and pull the curtains using the TV remote control.
  • Streaming content from a smartphone
    Let your guests watch your videos and photos, as well as listen to your own music through the TV set in the hotel room.
  • Mobile Application Integration
    All content and all services are also available on guests’ mobile devices through the Hoteza mobile app.

Mobile application Hoteza Mobile for hotels and hotels

Hoteza Mobile combines the ability to broadcast the most relevant information and impressive visualization tools. Hoteza is suitable for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. Hoteza also works offline. Most Hoteza services can be used without Internet access. Hoteza supports 68 languages! The application is automatically installed in the guest’s language.

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