Negotiating with modern equipment can not only optimize the means for transmitting information during discussions, but also to bring the process of negotiations on a higher level, and most importantly – increase your status in the eyes of counterparties. Our goal – is to create innovative and advanced facilities for negotiations. For best results, we use only the best possibilities of modern technology.

Integral part of doing business is negotiating with partners and contractors, the result of which can directly affect the company. Success in the negotiations depends on many factors, including the place of their conduct. Most modern offices have the meeting rooms, used for business meetings, presentations, and training for internal and fees. The key difference between meeting rooms from conventional areas (which usually can also be used for negotiation) is the modern technical equipment and single-purpose design.

The task of meeting rooms

Negotiations, meetings and business meetings meant intense and perhaps long intercourse several people. And errors in the interpretation of what was said is unacceptable. Thus, the most important task that solves meeting rooms – to ensure the most accurate voice of all those present in the room. It may seem that this is an exaggeration. After all, people and so sitting at the table that provide here? However, we must realize that in reality it man sitting just a few meters from you may be legible enough for you and remote participants to the talks. Consider and linguistic characteristics of each individual, which can significantly complicate the perception, especially if you unfamiliar people or says ” under his breath. “The task of negotiating well equipped – to minimize all the nuances of perception made as simple as possible.

Another equally important task – the exchange of information. Documents, presentations, reports, videos and other content should be available to all participants. this is usually achieved using a large screen, which displays all materials related to the topic of negotiations. The ability to quickly download the information and display it for all present – it wa Libya factor which must take into account when designing the negotiating room. In addition, today won fame principle BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, whereby each participant must be able to demonstrate materials from its own device (smartphone, laptop) without leaving the place and without the intermediate carriers, such as flash drives, DVD-Disks etc.

In addition to review materials often negotiations are conducted in an interactive format. In documents made edits proposed changes carried out or that the manipulation of materials. For example, discussions of the contract may require operational changes in some points of the document and agree these changes with the lawyers of the parties. Adding “home” edits and re-convening of negotiations is not always convenient. That is why today meeting rooms seeks to provide interactivity and opportunities for reviewing and editing documents.

Video conferencing is not a new technology, and it is often full replacement “live” negotiations. In this regard it is important to note the following: the task of meeting room equipment is not easy to organize communication between two or more points (remote negotiators) but also to make this relationship as comfortable and stable.

Meeting rooms formats

The range of tasks determines the approach to design. Although the name is the word “room” does not think that meeting rooms – is always a little room. It all depends on the potential number of participants, the nature of the issues discussed as well as the status of the company.

There are several traditional options plan meeting room. The classic version – a table in the center of the room. Participants are placed on either side of a long table and along one of the short sides. On the opposite wall is installed projection screen or display large diagonal display for multimedia. This arrangement is convenient with a relatively small number of participants. It does not require much space, and the room itself retains the versatility and can be used for other purposes when there is no need for a meeting.

Roundtable primarily involves increasing the number of participants and convenient because it emphasizes the equality of all participants and provide more convenient communication format debate. To view the materials relating to the subject of negotiations, in this case more video showing device set in the center of the table, so that the classical video showing location of the device on the wall makes participants sitting back to him, to turn around in the chair. Design space in this format should take into account the increased demands on the audio-visual equipment. In particular, almost a prerequisite for installation is a complete conference systems.

Layout “virtual table” blurs the line between the negotiating parties, in the room, and remote located in another room in another city or country. The main focus in designing this meeting room should be on choosing video conference systems that provides impeccable voice and visual information between all parties videoconferencing.

The equipment for meeting rooms

View systems
The main objective is to demonstrate reflecting devices present negotiators videos. The types reflecting devices include:
Projector and projection screen
Professional displays
Video walls LED-meringue on panels that are joined with minimal seam
Electronic scoreboards
The main difference between these devices apart is the technology of image and brightness. In terms of natural lighting low brightness image will look pale. Permission screen format and content are defined demonstrated.
Sound equipment
A narrow microphones, for example, type “huznek.” This design microphone due to the need to ensure a clear speech capture everyone who is present at the table to noise and other sounds not penetrated into the path amplification
Speakers are usually installed in the ceiling, often directly over the local actors to achieve maximum volume level in the area of listening. In other cases, the placement of speakers on the walls, on the brackets that allow you to adjust the speaker system for correctness.
Audio amplifiers are needed to ensure sufficient volume.
Mixing devices perform the construction of several sound signals (eg, speech remote participants or background audio information) into a single sound.
Video conferencing systems
Video conferencing system (SCC) is designed for convenient communication more or two remote participants. Video conferencing system allows remote meeting participants not only hear, but also see their subscribers. The difference between the professional video conferencing systems from common software such as Skype is higher image quality and more stable communication channel. Moreover, professional video conferencing systems are completed:
High quality swivel camera that offers a multiple increase optics and equipped with a wide viewing angle
The ability to output to two monitors
Modern signal processing algorithms that allow even low-quality connection to transmit images with high a resolution.
Professional microphones for clear and recognizable voice.
Support the work mode with multiple cameras simultaneously.
Conferencing systems
Conference system – a modern and essential tool for meeting room. Conference system is a set of remote and mic central unit (CPU). Unlike predecessors, sets, consisting of analog microphones, digital conference systems have a wide range of functions such as priority queues at billing statement, a choice of main control board, the possibility of voting and simultaneous interpretation. And all this in one block. If during a meeting in the meeting room, participants can request a vote on certain issues should provide an integrated system of electronic voting. And if international negotiations are planned, should also have a system of simultaneous translation.
Systems working together
The main advantage of this system is the simplicity and maximum ease of use. Collaboration System allows for multiple wireless conference participants simultaneously display content on the device with the ability to reflect Roll over the document that demonstrates in real time. And most importantly – is stability, because the system works on two dynamic frequencies of 2.4 – 5 GHz, in which offline can switch from one channel to another, depending on the load. Before the system can connect from any device – tablet, mobile phone or laptop on different operating systems.
Integrated Management
The control system is the core of the whole system, which allows you to manage the full range of equipment with a single control device. The system will turn on / off devices to conduct communication vydeorezhymiv, perform switching audio and video signals, and more.
Switching Systems
Choosing the switching equipment is best left to professionals. This category includes subtle, but very important equipment, amplifiers and distributors signal switches, control systems, signal converters, and more, providing seamless operation of those systems that are mean.

Stages meeting room design

Check out the expert on object
The first and mandatory step is a review of upcoming meeting room facilities. Experts estimate the size of the room available communication and laying new opportunities, analyzes the bearing capacity of walls and ceilings for subsequent installation of various equipment. Already at this stage, our experts can offer several options for the project.

Stage design is drafting the first preliminary and then final draft.
Before designing highly recommended to issue and sign the Terms of Reference.
Create project documentation including design layout and room design project required premises calculations, diagrams and installation of communication equipment, etc. After agreeing with the customer project documentation starts the project.

In step installation carried out installation and connection of all systems according to the project documentation. In some cases, design features or configurations are room only at this stage that requires rapid development of alternative construction of communications equipment or installation. For professional builders, however, these nuances are working moments and do not cause difficulties.

Accept and commissioning
Final meeting room equipment is thoroughly tested. Tested as hardware and software resources, it checks for different modes of operation of all systems. After the test object appears and customer training is carried out using the system.


As a result, competent design, installation and commissioning of equipment meeting room customer receives a multifunction system suitable for meetings, negotiations, meetings, discussions and various procedural measures.

Mold hall meeting

The room, which hosts meetings, conferences and other forms of interaction, including interactive, called the meeting hall. Hall meeting is required for any organization where you want to brainstorm important issues. Thus, depending on the format of discussion, the number of participants in the hall spectrum of solved problems and ways of presenting information during the discussion of changes and the necessary equipment of the premises. This article will help you understand exactly how it should be equipped hall for meetings, and that jobs will be needed in the process.

Task hall meeting

As the name implies, the main event, held in a hall meetings – this is just the meeting. Meanwhile, by this simple word can hide many different formats of communication, requiring certain special technical means.

Reports and lectures

In this format, the meeting will hear speeches that may show accompanied by multimedia presentations. Obviously, in this case, the main task of equipping hall meetings – to ensure clear voice speaker, that information is readily perceived by all present. It is equally important to choose the right equipment for the visual information – video walls, projection screens, etc. At present any questions to the speaker as local actors should be equipped with a mic stand, or provided with an opportunity to provide microphones.


This form of communication has no clear scenario, each party may apply to any other or all at once. It is also extremely important to ensure accurate transmission of speech. However, unlike other communication formats hall meetings during the round table, each participant may play the role of the speaker, therefore, desired method of localization present in each room and display it on the screen in real time. Thus Participants will be able to see who is acting, not looking around.


The format of the conference is somewhat similar to the report, but implies more interactive. In addition, conferences are often moderated, head or leading speaker assumes the representation of the speakers, sending the discussion back on track, compliance with the order of performances. Obviously, the task of meeting halls in this case is to expand the interactive features of the participants. Equipment room may require videoconferencing, interactive whiteboards, voting system, and if the conference – international, then the technical facilities for simultaneous translation into other languages. Conference materials may need to write down what equipment hall meetings should include appropriate means.

Of course, most indoor hall meeting combines features of all of these formats is a universal place to discuss various issues, gatherings, meetings, voting, viewing interactive and multimedia materials and presentations, discussions in an open format, business negotiations, the operational meeting.

Given the range of tasks can be formulated requirements for equipment hall meetings.

Requirements for equipping halls for meetings

Design meeting room should begin with the definition of solved tasks in this room and format of events held there. However, there are general requirements to be observed in a snap hall meetings.

First, the layout of the room.

Depending on the room size and anticipated action, it may be a format assembly hall from the stage and auditorium, long or U-shaped table, round table, etc. In whatever configuration you end up not stopped, it is important to comply with the requirement of sufficient space. Each participant must be enough space around. Moreover, the higher the status of the event, the more space is meant.

The second point – a review.

Wherever sitting member of meeting him well to be visible speaker and the screen, which demonstrates the companion content. This requirement imposes certain limitations as to the minimum screen size of display devices, and the placement of such equipment in the room. If the configuration space does not allow the main screen visible to all participants (for example, part of the review covered bearing columns) should provide overlapping display device.

The third important requirement – sound.

The meeting may discuss important issues, as is clear audibility and intelligibility of speech of all participants – is a necessity. To fulfill this requirement placed indoors speakers connected to the public-address system. Layout of the speakers chosen to picture sound in the room was the only one in all points. For example, if the layout of the hall meetings in the form of a round table, ceiling speakers installed directly over each seating.
Finally, it is important to provide single system control equipment hall meetings. This system should provide fast connection of external devices and redistribution of information from them, implement conferencing, recording information and rapid activation of additional functions, such as voting, when they are needed.

So, the basic requirements for hall meeting:

The layout of the room, providing comfortable accommodation and meeting all participants a good overview
Display device with a diagonal enough for easy reading information from any distance and high-resolution minimum Full-HD
Support output arbitrary information content on the display device without the use of third-party technical means
High gain devices and sound located in the premises considering its acoustics, the anticipated number of participants, etc.
Individual microphones to provide feedback to the meeting with the head, to organize a roundtable press conferences
Professional video conferencing system integrated with other equipment
Additional features (audio, video, voting, simultaneous interpretation, teamwork)

Equipment hall meetings

As we see, the modern meeting room – is much more than a room with a table and chairs. In fact, we are dealing with a complex and multifunctional system that includes a variety of equipment. Needless to say that the choice of this equipment directly affects the quality of all the processes that take place in this hall meetings?

Briefly consider the key criteria for selection of equipment for equipping hall meetings categories.

View systems

This category includes LED, LCD and other display and projector lamp or laser. In equipping halls for meetings only used professional equipment. Unlike domestic varieties of these devices, professional displays have high contrast and large viewing angles that satisfies the key requirements of a good view of the screen image. The minimum resolution display devices in today’s realities is a standard Full HD 1980×1080 (16: 9), though in recent years and there is a tendency to use higher standards (1980×1200 (16:10 WUXGA), 2048×1080 (2K), 2560×1440 (Quad HD or WQHD ), 3860×2160 (Ultra HD), 4096×2160 (4K), 5120×2880 (5K), 7620 x 4320 (8K or Quad Ultra HD)), particularly for a multiwindow mode.

Duplicating display system

Perform the role of “helpers”: they either reflect the same content as the main screen, such as when the last inspection is limited; or displays additional information such as data table, which is on the main screen can not be seen. Duplicating or display system installed on the side walls or the ceiling or mounted directly on the table, before the eyes of the participants. Most meeting participants might choose what information should reflect his personal display.

Sound equipment

It includes microphones, loudspeakers, amplifier systems, communication audio equipment and other systems. Select audio equipment is determined by the sound quality. The attempt to save money on audio equipment may result in indiscriminate language, sound distortion and other problems that significantly impede effective communication in the room and reduce acoustic comfort.

Conference System

Conferencing systems – is a special case of sound equipment. Meeting systems are used to enhance speech speakers and microphone are composed of individual panels of the control panel and the remote head. The system also includes a central equipment that provides sound amplification, mixing signals and one responsible for performing auxiliary functions: billing priorities speakers, voting mode selection debate, limiting speaking time for delegates, etc.

Video Conference System

Establish a meeting room in the event that the planned distance communication through video conferencing. Typical examples: the meeting of heads of regional departments in a large company, a press conference with the online participants connect remote participants to access the live broadcast. Space technical solutions in this area is very high. There is a fairly simple system only provides conference calling via an Internet connection and integrated solutions covering the entire range of tasks and are designed for hundreds or thousands of simultaneous connections.

Systems working together

Popular solutions in an enterprise environment. In systems BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) any device random participant (smartphone or laptop) can act as a source of content. The system can simultaneously collaborate meeting participants in real time to display content from their devices on the collective screen, provide it with their comments, review and jointly edit documents, coordinate. Modern BYOD system can be both wired and wireless.

Communication system and integrated management

On the basis of a separate device or personal computer, the system is responsible for the coordinated work of all other systems. This system of coordinates output to the screen, organizes the conference call, allows you to turn on and off the head microphones and start voting. All management functions are combined in a single device with a simple interface, most often – in the form of a tablet with touch screen. In some cases, management made a separate room, for example, during international events.

Projection hall meetings stages

Check out the expert on object
Perhaps the most important step in equipping halls for meetings. Without specialist personal inspection object too is likely to face in the future to unforeseen and therefore unpleasant surprise. Drafting equipment rooms provides various systems analysis and location of supporting structures of power and signal communications, analysis of the configuration space, and in some cases – acoustic analysis and review of the neighboring buildings. If the specialist offers onsite – agree.

Before designing highly recommended to issue and sign the Terms of Reference. After completed measurement and inspection, a draft facility. The project considers the problem space and operating standards and rules of construction. Finished project necessarily consistent with the customer. Based on estimates of the project consists of work and a list of necessary equipment.

Installation of systems carried out in strict accordance with the project. Originally based plan room setup is performed for embedded systems and hinged mounting fasteners. Then carried out of power and signal lines, and communication devices nodes. Depending on the availability of space at the time of finishing the installation, use or concealed wiring or ceiling. Anticipated access to connections served as a technical revision hatches.
Mounted equipment. Then all systems are connecting and setting parameters of individual devices and subsystems, software installation. After all systems installed and configured, running the first test run. Checks correct operation of all elements of the equipment hall meetings.

Accept and commissioning
After the commissioning and testing facility conducted acceptance by the customer. Our experts will instruct your staff will learn to use the equipment management system, configure system settings to meet your requirements. After signing the act of acceptance and transfer, conference hall seems in operation.


After the trial testing by our experts, the customer is invited and performed in his presence repeated demonstration of the correct operation of the equipment. If everything is normal, according to the technical objectives of the project, acceptance of work performed and the object is put into operation. Customer personnel trained in the use of all systems.