Technical protection of information

To date, information security is a priority for many public institutions and private companies, as there are risks of theft of confidential and classified information, the destruction of valuable information, the misrepresentation and exchange of information, and the failure of computer systems.

To ensure the protection of information from theft, leakage, distortion, destruction, a complex of engineering and technical measures for the protection of information is carried out.

Technical protection of information is the activity of providing engineering and technical measures of confidentiality, integrity, accessibility of information and making it impossible to block.

Information leakage is the uncontrolled distribution of information that results in its unauthorized receipt. Information leakage occurs through appropriate leakage channels.

The following information leakage channels are separated by the type of information activity on the site:

– Language information leakage channels
– Channels of leaks of information processed in technical means
– Visual information leakage channels
– Material leaks of information leakage

Certification scheme

Application of a complex of engineering and technical means of information security will allow to protect information from its leakage and uncontrolled distribution, use of information for the benefit of third parties, substitution and distortion of information, destruction of information, disruption of technical means of information processing.

Our company offers development and implementation of complex solutions for technical protection of information.