The main station WISI OM 10 0646 in the system of hotel television

The new development of WISI OM 10 0646 is a compact head-end head station that allows you to launch 6 satellite transponders (frequencies) in the hotel’s TV network, converting them from the DVB-S (S2) standard to 6 channels of the T2 standard and “mixing” T2 channels of digital terrestrial television.
Thus, in the presence of TVs with a T2 tuner (or separately located T2 tuners), you can receive all channels of digital terrestrial television and 8 frequencies of the satellite range.
It is also possible to install CONAX PRO CAM module on 8 channels for decoding from one card Xtra TV (paid digital satellite provider).
This solution provides the hotel with a quality set of TV channels. To date, analogues of such a solution in the market does not exist, because it allows
An example of a budget solution for a hotel television system based on the WISI HeadEnd Station:

  • WISI OM 10 0646 micro headend
  • SAME CONAX Pro for 8 channels – for Xtra TV channels
  • Romsat T2 Telecoms
  • SAT / RF Amplifier Wisi DY 50 or Multiband amplifier VS 83 B
  • Tapes / Apartment Amplifiers

WISI Company is the world leader in the production of equipment for reception, processing and transmission of TV signals.