The system for receiving television signals for Samsung in KhaRCIv

RCI-Consulting Company completed a project to build a television signal reception system for Samsung’s new research and development center (R & D) in KhaRCIv (Ukraine), Trudy ave. 10. For the company “RCI-Consulting” this project has continued the fruitful cooperation with Samsung, as in February this year, a project to build a similar system for the R & D center in Kyiv (Ukraine) has already been successfully implemented.
The project in KhaRCIv (Ukraine) included the construction of an antenna port and subscriber distribution network using the equipment of the world’s leading manufacturer – WISI (Germany).
Samsung Electronics, a global leader in mobile terminals and smartphones, plans to invest $ 63 million. The two R&D centers in Kyiv and KhaRCIv, officially opened in May 2013, also plan to expand the staff of R & D centers in 2014 to 3,100 people.
Chang Yang Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, said that the company aims to create a research center number 1 in Ukraine in the CIS and Europe.
Based on the R & D centers of Samsung in Ukraine, a number of corporate social responsibility programs are conducted.