The system of advertising and background sounding for the WOG gas station network

RCI Consulting Company completed a pilot project for equipping WOG gas stations with background and advertising sound systems. The peculiarity of the systems is the presence of two zones of voice recording: the external (platform with fuel distributing columns and the summer playground of the restaurant Ristorio) and the interior (the trading hall and the hall of the restaurant Ristorio).
The composition of sounding systems includes:
– Case two-way acoustic systems TOA (Japan) (for the sounding of the room of the trading hall and the hall of the restaurant Ristorio);
– BOSCH (Germany) sound projectors (for the voice of an external zone of the gas station, including the Ristorio restaurant’s summer playground);
– Built-in ceiling acoustic systems TOA (Japan) (for sounding the inner corridor and bathrooms);
– mixing amplifier TOA (Japan).
The equipment for background and advertising sounding systems is selected in such a way as to ensure reliable work with the round-the-clock mode (24/7/365).
At the moment, RCI Consulting has delivered equipment and installation of systems at three WOG filling stations in Kyiv.
The pilot project was implemented by RCI Consulting in close cooperation with technical education and marketing units of “WOG Retail” (WOG Retail), and was positively evaluated by the latter, and also recommended for further implementation.