Transfer and modernization of the main television and Internet station for Volia

RCI Consulting company has carried out the transfer and modernization of the main cable television and Internet for VOLIA company in Dnipropetrovsk. The main requirement of the client was the implementation of the entire complex of works with a minimum time to stop serving the subscribers, and the process itself was to be carried out when the load on the network is minimal, that is at night.
Specialists of the project department RCI Consulting developed the technology of the transfer of the station, as well as prepared project documentation for each of the stages of work. The key point in the proposed design solution was the connection scheme using a temporary fiber optic cable (SOC).
The process of transferring the HeadEnd Station was carried out in stages – the transfer of the HeadEnd Station of television, the transfer of the main Internet station. Previously, a complex of works on the preparation of the server infrastructure such as:
– installation of cable tracks,
– installation of lighting system,
– installation of a power supply and grounding system,
– placement of equipment in telecommunication racks.
Modernization of the HeadEnd Station and antenna port consisted of:
– installation of lightning protection system
– replacing outdated equipment with modern and more efficient,
– reconfiguring antennas,
– Complete modernization of the power supply system of the HeadEnd Station with the use of special devices for distribution of electricity (PDU).
As part of the project, RCI Consulting also provided the equipment for the HeadEnd Station, power supply system, as well as passive optical equipment.
VOLIA Company is a leading Ukrainian nationwide telecommunication provider providing modern telecommunication services: analogue, digital, HD and interactive television, high-speed Internet access, as well as data center services.