Unique Panphonics Sound Shower

The company “RCI-Consulting” together with the advertising agency “Bolero” continues to introduce advertising sound systems based on the equipment of the company “PANPHONICS” (Finland). At present, Panphonics Sound Shower, the so-called “sound shower” system in the Karavan shopping and entertainment center, as well as the leading Ukrainian retailer Velyka Kyshenya, has been successfully installed.
It’s worth noting that Panphonics Sound Shower is today one of the best solutions for creating special zones with focusing in a specific area of ​​sound stream.
The technology of the Panphonics speaker system allows you to create narrow and directional sound in the right place, excluding the influence of other external sound sources. This system can be used as an acoustic system for advertising and screens (all relating to Digital Signage – video advertising on monitors), as well as in shopping malls, shops, banks and museums. Dynamic Panphonics Sound Shower with auto-adjusting volume creates a different sounding area of ​​different shapes, and several Sound Shower devices can be located close to each other, and each of them can transmit its audio content (for example, messages in different languages), while maintaining a good sound quality, well-understood language and silence in the room as a whole.