Virtualization of VMware vSphere for Romsat Company

RCI Consulting completed the first stage of implementing the VMware vSphere virtualization system for Romsat, the largest Ukrainian distributor of integrated solutions for television and telecommunications systems.
RCI Consulting was tasked with upgrading and updating the Romsat server park. After conducting an audit of the existing equipment, having studied the company’s potential needs, the client was offered to implement the virtualization solution of VMware vSphere. This solution allows you not only to save on the purchase of new servers, but also simplifies the configuration and maintenance of the server infrastructure, and also provides an opportunity in the future to increase the productivity of servers without interrupting business processes.
Within the framework of the project RCI Consulting performed the following stages of work:
1) the organization of clusters with fault tolerance servers, which ensure the smooth operation of virtual machines,
2) built-in virtual desktops infrastructure,
3) the possibility of rapid deployment of jobs is organized;
4) deployed backup data system
5) the downtime is minimized due to possible hardware failures.
To date, VMWare vSphere is one of the world’s best virtualization servers, which allows you to create a reliable and efficient virtual infrastructure.