Organizing a live TV broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest-2017

RCI Consulting participated in organizing a live TV broadcast of the opening ceremony of the international song contest “Eurovision-2017”. The TV signal was broadcast in HD format from cameras and drones located on the most “red track” in the International Exhibition Center (IEC) and on a helicopter site at Parkovsky Exhibition Center. The digital TV signal from the satellite was broadcasted on a widescreen screen in the Eurovision Village fan-hall on Khreshchatyk, the EURO CLUB at Parkovsky Exhibition Center and directly at the IEC.

Network upgrades for E-Tender

Cisco Network
– Analysis of network infrastructure and equipment configuration
– Optimization and modification of network topology
– Settings Switch; Cisco, Procurve, Netgear, TP-Link
– Configure WiFi Cisco
The client asked us to find out the reasons for the unstable operation of the local network.
A network and equipment survey was conducted. The shortcomings in the topology that caused an increase in volumes of uncontrolled traffic and non-optimal routing were revealed. In view of this, we have proposed and implemented a new topology of the network, which is devoid of these shortcomings. The network is based on equipped vendors such as Cisco, HP, Netgear.

Integrated security system for the Beehive production complex

RCI Consulting completed a project on the implementation of a comprehensive security system at the Honey Processing Enterprise, Behive LLC. As part of the project, a video surveillance system, an access control and management system and a security alarm system were created. The complex of the systems involved considerably increased the level of security at the enterprise, namely, it prevents the threat of vandalism, invasion and is an effective and convenient tool for monitoring the events taking place in the territory of the production complex.