What is SCS?

SCS networks is a collection of copper cable and optical fiber, connection elements, cross panels, connectors and information outlets, as well as all types of any other technical and hardware devices and equipment combined into a single structured cable system.


Structured cable system allows you to optimally organize cable infrastructure with the ability to quickly respond to all possible changes in the future without making fundamental changes to the built information network. This leads to minimization of maintenance costs and support the health of the system as a whole.

Assigning the SCS cable system

The structured cabling system (SCS) is a unified system of communication cables and switching equipment that allows to unite telephone, local networks, video surveillance and security systems.

Composition of the SCS cable system

This system includes copper and optical cables, connecting cords, cross-panels, cable connectors, power sockets and other accessories. All these components are included in the general complex, which is operated according to certain rules.


Nowadays, structured cable systems (SCS) are becoming ever more relevant than ever.
Today, hardly anyone can disagree that without SCS it is inconceivable to build modern high-speed data networks, voice and video information for organizations of any rank – large and small commercial structures, banks, government agencies or industrial enterprises.

Installation of SCS

The installation of the SCS is carried out in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. It includes telephone networks, local area networks, IP video surveillance and security systems.

Main advantages of SCS

  • based on the universal cable environment, data is transmitted, the organization of the telephone network, the transmission of video information or signals from fire safety sensors or security systems;
  • allow you to quickly and easily change the configuration of the cable system;
  • use standard components and materials (copper unshielded and shielded twisted cable, fiber optic cable);
  • allow management and administration of a minimum
    th attendants;
  • does not depend on changes in technology and equipment supplier.
  • allow the simultaneous use of several different network protocols;
  • has modularity and possibilities for change and expansion without replacing the entire existing network;
  • justify the investment due to long-term use and operation of the network.

Quality Assurance

All SCS, created by our engineers who meet the following requirements:

  • high reliability – all design and installation work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer;
  • quick payback due to the low cost of aggregate ownership of SCS;
  • simple build-up and changes during operation;
  • the ability to simultaneously use different
  • independence from changes in information technology;
  • easy management, administration by a minimum number of personnel;
  • the ability to create independent sites in a single network.

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