It is a powerful multimedia application, a user-friendly platform that you need to have on your content management system when trying to set up and manage your hotel TVs. In fact, we are expanding our list of services to hotel guests and are actually reducing our own operating hotels. We have active translation services that allow us to offer our guests unique customized services with enhanced functionality. The platform has different versions of

Pro: Centric Direct (IP protocol) and Pro:Centric V (coaxial version). Always a variety of proprietary self-diagnostics and guidance from hotel owners and their partners that really save time and resources on hotel TVs installed and tested in rooms and workplaces. The multimedia solution has decided to change its state-of-the-art software tools, such as HTML5, Java and Flash, that your client needs.

As a result of lengthy tests and feedback, the user was offered two types of Pro software: Centric Smart TV and Pro: Centric V, which were respectively used depending on the type of RF or IP telecommunication signal. The software was installed on a dedicated PSB100 server that switched to a TV broadcast network. LG was constantly updating its solution and the software had several versions, which remained always up-to-date and met the current requirements of the hotel market.
Currently, Pro:Centric Direct (IP-protocol) and Pro:Centric V (coax version) solutions are offered to potential customers with modern architecture, advanced features, a simple user interface and a built-in content editor.


Company LG introduced the system in 2011 at its stand during the HITEC conferense (Hospitality Industry Technology Conference and Exposition), along with a list of television devices that support the Pro: Centric platform. Many positive feedbacks have been received due to the simplicity of the solution developed and the significant expansion of end-user functionality.

The list of properties

Advanced functional features
The system supports the display of personalized information:

  • Welcome message / video
  • Alarm clock
  • Account verification (subject to PMS switching of the hotel system)
  • Weather forecast
  • Cards
  • Flight Schedule
  • Hotel information
  • and many other features.

Built-in Templates & Pages
You can choose from 4 basic page templates or create your own page design to help emphasize the unique atmosphere of your hotel with a built-in editor. The system supports the creation of up to 8 separate sections of the main me up to 40 information pages in each.

Content Editor
User services are simple tools that allow you to create and edit your own content. The interface of the system is intuitively simple and easy to use by service personnel.

Support for multilingualism
The system quickly adapts its user interface depending on the requirements of potential guests. At this time, the platform can support 39 languages ​​including Hebrew, Persian and Arabic, making your stay at the establishment more comfortable.

Create and manage your own content
The system supports the broadcast of 8 TV channels of your own content, where you can place advertising messages and a list of services.

Remote device monitoring and control
With a variety of remote controls, hotel owners and staff can save significant time and resources on setting up and checking hotel TVs in rooms and offices.

Easy to customize
The system allows hotel owners to create personalized functionality and select apps to help make your stay even more comfortable and memorable.

Maximum number of services with minimal cost
The Pro: Centric platform, along with hotel TVs, allows guests to take advantage of the vast array of applications and services, and the software automatically deletes user activity histories, ensuring increased security and privacy.

Third-party application support
The system has a list of Internet services such as support for Netflix, YouTube and many other popular applications.

Development of additional functions
1-click serviсe allows you to create additional features specific to your hospitality facility.

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