Hospital Visual Information System

All information is centralized

INFORMATION SYSTEM is a television solution for informing patients and staff that makes clinical workflows more effective.

Built on a LG TV, LG SuperSign W software and a PC-based server.

All information on the palm

Televisions LG Commercial Lite are designed specifically for different business environments. Especially for use in medical institutions. And thanks to a 4K or FullHD display, you can visualize any information in detail: photos, fluorography, X-rays, etc. Available displays are from 43″ to 70″.

Easy Content Management

The built-in content and group management system allows you to edit and play content, group and control signage with a remote control, mouse, or even a mobile phone. This makes content management much easier and more convenient.

LG SuperSign

The LG digital dashboard is a comprehensive and full-featured technical solution with the latest digital components and features tailored to enterprise specific tasks.

SuperSign W is an advanced content management software.
Key features: Creating scheduling, network distribution, and player management.

Create an information system simply:


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We will install and configure the software to manage content
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Take advantage of the ease of working with modern information systems

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