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IT Infrastructure

RCI Consulting solutions allow companies to make more efficient use of their IT resources, become more flexible, dynamic, and, accordingly, competitive. We offer:

  • Data storage systems
  • IT Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Software development (software)
  • Domain Infrastructure
  • Manage user workstations


Virtualization allows to increase the efficiency of the components of the IT infrastructure, while reducing the number of computers by combining the computing resources of the IT infrastructure. Virtualization guarantees lower costs for IT infrastructure, including software and hardware costs.

RCI Consulting company offers the following virtualization directions:

  • virtualization of personal computers
  • virtualization of servers
  • virtualization and delivery of applications;
  • audit of an existing virtual system;
  • back up virtual /physical data.

Data Storage System

RCI Consulting offers its services in building and implementing storage systems based on hardware and software from manufacturers, world leaders in the industry – Netapp, Emc, IBM, HP, Symantec.

The storage system collectively consists of components:

  • storage devices – disk arrays and tape libraries,
  • server access infrastructure to storage devices
  • Backup and Data Backup System
  • storage management software
  • Management System

RCI Consulting offers solutions for building data storage systems for large, small and medium-sized businesses.

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